What’s it Like to Interview at WalMart?

Unemployed and considering a job in retail? Perhaps at WalMart? A WalMart interview reviewer, winner of the June Review of the Month, dishes on what it’s like to go through the interview process at this notorious retailer, and gives anyone considering a job at the company an insider’s study guide. Currently, WalMart garners a 2.9 (neutral) company rating and the CEO, Michael T. Duke, receives a 32 percent approval rating and 23 percent disapproval rating.

According to this job candidate, the interview difficulty was about average, but the experience was positive overall. Here are some useful tips to consider if interviewing at WalMart, as well as some of the questions you may get asked if interviewing for a retailer management position:

Insights about interview process:

  • Interviewed by 3 people; only one person asked questions, but all three took notes.
  • Each job candidate evaluated using a number score system. The job candidate adds, “don’t know what scoring scale represented and wasn’t able to see clearly what they were writing as I was seated opposite of table”
  • In total about 5 pages of questions were asked (guestimate is about 10-15 questions)…took about 1 1/2 hours.

How was the interview acquired: Applied online.

Interview duration: WalMart responded to the online application approximately 1 ½ weeks after submission; interview took about 2 days to complete.

Interview questions:

All questions that were asked typically had 3-part answers. For example, they asked:

  • Name a time when you found it hard to be courteous. How did you handle it? Why did you handle it that way? If you had to do it again would you handle it differently?
  • Explain a time that you had to meet a deadline. What was the reason for the deadline? What was the quality of work?
  • When did you have to follow a plan to reach a goal and failed to do so? What would/did you do different the next time?

The reviewer adds: “You’ll want to be tentative in listening to the full question and answering it in full… My guess is if you did not answer the question in full the first time you ‘lost points or rec’d lower points’ than if you’d answer the question in full first time. They’ll keep asking the same questions until you provide a Full (3 part answer). I gave all customer service or team lead/management oriented answers and examples to all the questions. I omitted personal experience examples and kept all examples job task related.”

Other important notes about interviewing at WalMart:

“I asked after interview was complete if this was standard process for a Cashier position. Was told yes, they just implemented a new interviewing process to attract quality talent. Basically told me that their process is now geared toward finding folks who want to grow in the company and not earn a paycheck for 3-6 months and leave.”

Keep the interview reviews coming – you never who you might help!