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What’s It Really Like To Work At Facebook

Since 2004, Facebook has been around to connect us with our friends; family and we use it pretty much every day for a variety of different reasons. We all know Facebook–but we don’t know what it’s like to work for the social media technology company.

Based in Menlo Park, California, Facebook has well over 10,000 employees in offices spread out across the globe. The company has a 4.5 rating on Glassdoor and based on employee reviews, working at Facebook sounds like it sets the bar pretty high for other jobs and companies.

So what’s so cool about Facebook? Not only is it the social platform everyone uses–but it’s also the company everyone wants to work for.

Is Facebook as awesome to work for as we hear it is? See for yourself with this inside look at seven-time Best Places to Work winner, Facebook.

The perks

Where do we begin? From amazing restaurants that cater to employees daily to 401k matching and sixteen weeks of paternity leave, the list goes on and on for the incredible perks that Facebook offers its employees.

“The benefits at Facebook are very thorough. Sometimes it’s over the top,” admits a former software engineering intern for Facebook.

The food options stand out in employee reviews, as it seems that Facebook sure knows how to make sure their employees always have something good in the fridge.

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Facebook food

“You have almost every option possible –from Mexican chipotle style to a fresh salad bar to BBQ everyday,” says one employee.

Another agrees, noting that that, “You could work for a month straight and never have the same meal twice for breakfast, lunch, and dinner.”

Facebook has also been noted for leading the industry on proving equal time for new mothers and fathers with their maternity and paternity leave programs. Both parents receive four months of paid leave and CEO Mark Zuckerberg took a leave himself when his daughter was born!

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The people

So what’s it like working for Mark Zuckerberg? The good news is the Facebook CEO has a 98% approval rating from employees–marking him as one of the highest rated CEOs on Glassdoor! Employees say they attend a weekly meeting with Zuckerbeg and can openly and directly ask him questions during a Q&A.

Plus, co-workers seem to enjoy working with one another, especially on the technology team. According to a former employee, Facebook’s workers are, “Extremely friendly engineers to work with. Also everyone is super talented.”

One person even points out that they work with the best engineers they have ever worked with at Facebook!

The smart people aren’t just on the tech team too–employees from a wide variety of departments at Facebook describe their co-workers as intelligent, hard-working and friendly. Plus, one employee points out that the company is very diverse in its hiring, so much so that it stands out against other companies.

happy halloween from the facebook team halloween

The office digs and culture

You’ve likely seen a few photos of Facebook’s headquarters and campus (yeah, that’s right, it’s a campus!) but if you haven’t, prepared to be amazed at how beautiful and fun the office looks!

Employees say they love the campus and how many food options are made available throughout it.

One employee describes the work setting and culture as, “a fantastic work environment, and a culture that allows you to be yourself.”

If you like fast-paced work environments and opportunities to grow  (among all the other awesome perks the company offers) then add Facebook to your list of dream companies to work for.



The pay

There are 3,832 salary reports on Facebook’s profile on Glassdoor, which covers 872 different jobs. If you’re curious about the salary for those who work at Facebook, there’s a lot of transparency and it looks like employees are paid well and happy with their earnings.

A software engineer at Facebook earns $125,865, a product designer earns $135,279, and a product manager makes $147,583.

The verdict

If you love Facebook and spend all your time on it, then you might as well consider working for the company too! Why not be a part of the leading innovator for social media–and have fun being part of a team that 91% of employees say they would recommend to their friends!


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Editor’s Note: Data, salaries and employee reviews mentioned in the above article are as of November 2016.