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Where Are They Now: Past Winners of the Best Places to Work

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Every year we put together a list of the Best Places to Work to honor the top companies that employees can’t stop raving about on Glassdoor. However, there have been quite a few companies to grace our list over the years, so we decided to put together a list of a few of our former winners that are still hiring! If you didn’t apply to work for one of these companies then, the good news is, they are all still really great companies to work for — and they have open positions available.

Here’s a look at some previous winners of our Best Places to Work list and what employees are still saying about working there.


Best Places to Work Wins: 2017 (#35), 2016 (#1)

Current Glassdoor Rating: 4.0

What Employees Say:

“Lots of transparency from Executive-level Leadership and the overwhelming majority of employees are good people with open mindsets and generous hearts. The company is good at owning mistakes that have company wide impact and try their best at taking action.” —Current Talent Analyst

“It would literally take me days, weeks, maybe months to write all of the pros of working for such a phenomenal company. I don’t think there are words to describe how much Airbnb values its employees. I worked for a pair of Fortune 100 companies directly prior to my role with Airbnb and I have never experienced such amazing treatment, or appreciation.” —Current CX Specialist

“My team is like my family. The company is generous, mission driven, and works hard to make employees heard. Great location, motivated and sincere people. Each time I strike up a conversation with someone new, I feel like I’ve made a friend. I can be my self, quirks and all, and am embraced.” —Current Employee

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Best Places to Work Wins: 2018 (#23), 2017 (#28), 2016 (#42), 2015 (#15), 2014 (#21), 2013(#12), 2012 (#17), 2011 (#2), 2010 (#1)

Current Glassdoor Rating: 4.2

What Employees Say:

“Southwest Airlines offers a lot of flexibility in careers and shifts. We are able to be creative. The insurance is good. We are compensated adequately.” —Current Flight Attendant

“Culture, Kindness, Compassion, Community, Follow the Golden Rule… these are the priorities of this company.” —Current Employee

“Flight benefits, profit sharing and 401k match up to 9.1% and company culture. Work is very meaningful and usually has direct impact on crucial decisions for the company.” —Current Senior FP&A Manager

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General Mills

Best Places to Work Wins: 2013 (#35), 2012 (#11), 2011 (#4), 2010 (#2), 2009 (#1)

Current Glassdoor Rating: 3.7

What Employees Say:

“General Mills has great people, and is a great place to show up for work every day. I most appreciate the values, and inclusive culture across the organization. Balance and flexibility are encouraged, and supported.” —Current Employee

“The people you get to work with are top notch. Fellow employees are very smart. Strong brands that can still resonate across all age ranges.” —Current Employee

“Well known products, respected company and enthusiastic, fun, fair coworkers.” —Current Retail Sales Representative

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Bain & Company

Best Places to Work Wins: 2018 (#2), 2017 (#1), 2016 (#2), 2015 (#2), 2014 (#1), 2013 (#4), 2012(#1), 2011 (#3), 2010 (#4), 2009 (#2)

Current Glassdoor Rating: 4.7

What Employees Say:

“You are empowered and accountable but you are not alone. And the best part is you can’t fail. Because after all, what all those people are reinforcing is that a Bainie never lets another Bainie fail.” —Current Manager

“People at Bain & Co are so thoughtful and go out of their way to show that they care and are thinking of you. I’ve never worked for a company where they always talk about the ‘people’ in the interviews and I actually get to see the great ‘people’ come to life. It truly is a great place to work and is always challenging me to learn something new.” —Current Employee

“I LOVE BAIN – the company values are practiced and seen everyday; the environment is fun, supportive, and interesting; and the people are intelligent, caring, and, for the most part, all wonderful to be around. I hope to be at Bain for many years to come and can’t imagine a better work place.” —Current Manager Assistant

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Best Places to Work Wins: 2009 (#3)

Current Glassdoor Rating: 3.7

What Employees Say:

“Great culture that allows you the freedom to make choices with great autonomy!” —Former Operations Manager

“Good salary, good benefits, challenging work, fun being part of a company that combines movies and entertainment with the latest technology. Always on the cutting edge and always trying to improve the customer experience.” —Current Senior NOC Engineer

“Netflix’s talent is incredibly impressive. Employees are engaged and passionate about their work. There is more of a focus on the team succeeding than individual success. It’s an environment that pushes people to be their best every day. It’s an environment of adults. People are given freedom to work autonomously.” —Current Employee

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Motley Fool

Best Places to Work Wins: 2015 (#1), 2014 (#1)

Current Glassdoor Rating: 3.9

What Employees Say:

“Several years after I left I still regard my time at The Fool fondly. Some of the smartest, kindest, and most fun people I have ever known worked there. I learned so much about business, company culture and leadership . I use those skills everyday, even years later.” —Former Employee

“Flexible, great people, lots of mentorship and opportunities to grow, especially if you’re a new dev. Encouragement to pursue new tools and technologies. Plenty of pairing opportunities if you’re interested.” —Former Software Engineer

“Above all else this is a place that cares for and about each other and customers. Everyone shares the same goals and supports one another toward achievement. When there is disagreement it comes from the right place and with the right outcome in mind. The work is forever challenging and available.”  —Current Employee

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Best Places to Work Wins: 2018 (#11), 2017 (#27), 2016 (#1)

Current Glassdoor Rating: 4.7

What Employees Say: 

“Unbelievable culture and the experience is invaluable. Good benefits and compensation. Helping business owners grow their businesses and getting experience working in dozens of different industries.” —Current Marketing Executive

“The company truly recognizes those who work hard and promotes accordingly. If you excel at your position it does not take long for the company to notice. The people here are what make the company, it is amazing to see such a large group working for the same goal, every department relies on the other.” —Current Software Engineer

“Madwire is a place where you can display your talents and be rewarded for them. The company culture is great and we are always striving at every level to improve and expand so we can help small and medium-size businesses grow.” —Current Marketing Executive

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