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One Thing Women Need to Negotiate Better Salaries: Confidence

Over the past seven years, Glassdoor has conducted regular Employment Confidence surveys. These surveys, conducted for Glassdoor by Harris Poll, monitor indicators of employee confidence and also uncover employee sentiment about the overall job market, job security, business outlook and more.

As part of the Glassdoor surveys, employed men and women were asked how confident they were about receiving a pay raise or cost-of-living increase. Almost always, men have shown greater confidence than women that they will get the increase. In fact, data shows men have been consistently about 6 percent more confident than women over the last seven years.

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Why Does Confidence Matter?

Confidence might be one key to closing the gender pay gap. Glassdoor’s recent gender pay gap report shows that there is an unadjusted pay gap between men and women of 24.1%, meaning women earn about $0.76 for every $1 a man earns. However, when we control for variables such as age, education, experience,occupation, industry, location, year, specific company and job title, the adjusted gender pay gap shrinks to 5.4%, which is still a notable and significant gap for which there appears to be no explanation.

For perspective, the median wage in the U.S. for full-time working women is about $40,000 a year, and with a 5.4% pay gap, women lose about $65,000 over a 30-year career – more than a year and a half of salary.

Confidence + Information = Power to Get the Salary You Deserve

Armed with a healthy dose of confidence, you can get the salary you deserve. Especially if you add in these six great negotiating tips Dawn Lyon, VP of Corporate Affairs at Glassdoor, recently shared.

With confidence, information and these tips, you’re well on your way to the right salary!