The Value of Thank You At Work, In Your Career Or In Your Job Search

I have a close friend who for the 30 years I’ve known him has been the master at saying thank you. No matter the occasion, the event, gift or thought he always sends a nice hand-written thank you note. For instance, he asked years ago if I would mind helping him hang Christmas lights and of course I did and before my family opened gifts, I was opening a hand-written thank you card. Saying ‘thank you’ in a meaningful way makes a huge impression.

And making the impression should not be lost at our work or in our efforts to find work. Think of the people who help us daily in our work efforts or the people who have provided advice and direction to our job search. Take the time over the holiday’s to write them and say thank you. Yes, a heartfelt and sincere email will work but the handwritten note is more meaningful.

You may ask, what’s the payoff? For one you will feel good about yourself and sometimes we need to do things to remind ourselves we are okay. For another, you will be remembered. As sad as it is taking the time to say thank you in a special way is unique. It shouldn’t be but is, and if you follow this simple action people will be moved and will remember you. And lastly, the surprise, people like to help people who appreciate the effort. We all work hard and need assistance from many corners, say thank you to those who help, mean it and more will be on the way. And if searching for work, appreciating the efforts of those willing to help will only insure they continue because they know their efforts are sincerely appreciated.

I hope you all have a Merry Christmas and Thank You for your support