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Highest Paying Work From Home Jobs

Posted by Glassdoor Team

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Last Updated May 20, 2019
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A growing number of professions are becoming increasingly flexible to remote workers. Medicine, for example, a field that traditionally required long visits to the doctor’s office and in-person checkups, is being revolutionized by the advent of telemedicine, which allows doctors and patients to communicate remotely. The global market for telemedicine is projected to climb 19 percent from 2018 to 2025, making for massive job openings for healthcare professionals to work remotely.

While it’s great news that remote work opportunities are growing across a variety of sectors, the even better news is that remote positions don’t require you to take a pay cut. In fact, work from home positions can help you save money by reducing transportation costs, or cutting the cost of having to live close to your workplace. Some positions even pay more for remote workers — one study on web developers, for example, found that developers who work remotely earn an average of 40 percent more than their counterparts who work in offices.

What kind of work from home job is right for you?

Work from home positions are available across a variety of industries, from tech to finance. While positions like software engineering have traditionally been more remote-friendly, companies are realizing that positions from client services to project management can also be opened up to remote workers. Use the Glassdoor job search tool with the location filter “Remote (Work From Home)” to see if the type of positions you’re interested in are currently available for remote work.

Which work from home jobs pay the most money?

Senior Software Engineer

Glassdoor Salary Range: $94,000 – $166,000

Software engineers work to develop, implement and refine applications software and computer systems software. Software engineers must have substantial knowledge of a number of programming languages, in addition to knowledge about software development and computer operating systems. While some software engineers are self-taught, many gain bachelor’s degrees, master’s degrees or even Ph.D.s in computer science.

Project Manager

Glassdoor Salary Range: $51,000 – $111,000

Project managers coordinate the team of people working on specific projects within a company or organization. This involves ensuring the timely completion of projects, helping solve roadblocks specific team members are facing, correctly budgeting for a project, documenting the steps of a project and overseeing the timeline of a project.


Glassdoor Salary Range: $119,000 – $303,000

With the advent of telemedicine, the options for physicians to work from home are now wider than ever. Becoming a physician is one of the most education-intensive career paths, requiring a bachelor’s degree, at least four years of medical school and between three and seven years of residency training.

Client Services Director

Glassdoor Salary Range: $76,000 – $160,000

The role of a client services director is very similar to an account manager, although sometimes less sales-focused. Client services directors are employed across businesses and organizations to maintain long-term relationships with clients and find solutions to client issues if they arise.

Business Development Manager

Glassdoor Salary Range: $49,000 – $118,000

A business development manager finds new opportunities for a company to sell its products or services. This includes identifying and fostering strategic partners, tracking new markets and emerging trends, creating sales opportunities with existing and new clients, and developing new business strategies for a company to increase sales.


Glassdoor Salary Range: $40,000 – $77,000

Accountants collect, analyze, organize and make use of the financial records of their clients. They help file taxes, create budgets, analyze past and future financial performance of an organization, and keep accounting records. Becoming an accountant typically requires a bachelor’s degree, and sometimes a master’s degree, in accounting, as well as gaining licensure as a certified public accountant (CPA). Accountants work with the paper and digital records of their clients, so it is easy for them to work for the computer and conduct phone meetings with clients when needed.

Account Manager

Glassdoor Salary Range: $39,000 – $90,000

Account managers handle the relationships and sales with clients of a particular company. Wherever a company is making a sale or providing a service to a client, you’ll often find that account managers have a role there. Account managers are employed across many industries, from aerospace to beauty. The responsibilities of an account manager may vary across the industry they are employed in, but typically their responsibilities include managing and solving client issues, reaching company sales targets with clients and maintaining a smooth relationship between the client and the company.

UX Designer

Glassdoor Salary Range: $62,000 – $130,000

A UX designer, short for “user experience designer,” guides the design process of both digital and physical products in a way that ensures an ideal experience and interface for users. This includes designing and testing user friendliness, branding of products and ensuring an enjoyable and useful experience for users of a product.

Full Stack Web Developer

Glassdoor Salary Range: $50,000 – $117,000

A full stack web developer is a jack of all trades in the area of web development — they can develop the front end and back end portions of a mobile application, website or native application. Full stack developers must be proficient in multiple computer languages, as well as being able to work with databases, servers and systems engineering.

Graphic Designer  

Glassdoor Salary Range: $34,000 – $69,000

Graphic designers imagine and create digital images and art for all types of clients, ranging from a business that needs updated graphics on their website to a band that wants posters for their upcoming tour. Since many clients require designs on a temporary basis, a high proportion of graphic designers work freelance and work from home.

Work From Home Career Paths

Work from home positions can be found across many industries at many different skill and education levels. If you are currently in a job that is not remote, but has the potential to be, consider speaking to your boss about working from home once or twice a week to try out the arrangement. If you are looking for a new job, consider tailoring your search to work-from-home options. You can easily filter for remote-only results using Glassdoor’s job search tool, and setting the location filter to “Remote (Work From Home)”.

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