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Here’s What Employees Have to Say About Work-Life Balance at the Best Places to Work

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Maybe you want to spend more time at home with your family. Maybe you want more free time to devote to your side project. Or perhaps spending all night at the office just isn’t your idea of a good time. Regardless of your personal motive, work-life balance can be a make-or-break issue in determining job satisfaction — so it’s no surprise that many of this year’s Best Places to Work 2017 boast a healthy balance between the personal and the professional.

A few in particular have been consistently recognized by their employees for their impressive work-life balance — here’s what employees had to say about them.

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Clorox (Work-life balance rating: 4.5)

At Clorox, a leading consumer packaged goods company, you don’t have to sacrifice ambitious career growth to achieve work-life balance. Clorox offers flexible daily schedules, work from home days, and remote working options, which results in a “comfortable blend of career growth and work-life balance” with “a wide variety of opportunities to grow” according to a Group Manager in Pleasanton, CA.

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DocuSign (Work-life balance rating: 4.5)

Tech companies have a reputation for burning the midnight oil, but you won’t find anyone online in the wee hours of the morning at Docusign, a software company that allows users to sign, send and manage electronic documents. Despite their quick growth, DocuSign manages to retain the benefits of a small company. Compared to their peers in the tech sector, “there’s more freedom, and quite simply a fantastic work-life balance that seems to have escaped tech giants.” says one of Docusign’s Software Engineers.

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MathWorks (Work-life balance rating: 4.5)

Many of today’s 9-to-5 schedules have evolved to become more like 8-to-6 or beyond, but that’s not the case at mathematical computing software company MathWorks. “The work-life balance is astonishing,” says a MathWorks Software Engineer. “[No one has ever] asked me to stay after business hours (although I admit that I tend to stay late since I love what I do).” Dream job, anyone?

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Paylocity (Work-life balance rating: 4.5)

It’s one thing to talk a big game about work-life balance during the interview process — actually delivering on that is another thing entirely. But Paylocity, a human capital management and payroll software maker, truly walks the walk. With the ability to work from home and a daily schedule of 9 a.m. to 6 p.m. with an hour for lunch, Paylocity “really take[s] care of employees,” says an Account Manager II. “It honestly seemed too good to be true when I first interviewed, but they’ve held up their end of the bargain the whole time.”

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Apple (Work-life balance rating: 3.3)

As a company dedicated to “to making the best products on earth, and to leaving the world better than we found it,” the brainchild of Steve Jobs is under a lot of pressure to outperform and surpass their last, great product. Sometimes that comes at the price of work-life balance. “Working at Apple means that the things you work on get into the hands of hundreds of millions of people, literally. It’s a lot of pressure to get things right and drives one to do the best work of their lives,” says one current software engineer. This employee’s advice to management in terms of balance? “Keep fighting for “what’s right”. Renewable energy, civil liberties, working condition, everything. I couldn’t be prouder of that aspect of the company, in the end it’s about a lot more than profits and earnings.

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