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These 10 Companies Make Work-Life Balance More Than a Buzzword

Posted by Amy Elisa Jackson

Last Updated January 17, 2019
|8 min read

Work-life balance: It’s one of those phrases we hear tossed around in the hiring process all the time, but how important is it really to factor into your job hunt? Turns out, it’s REALLY important. Work-life balance can lead to more productive careers, better attitudes at work, and, of course, more time to do the things we love. In a 2018 Glassdoor survey of adults currently employed or looking for work in the UK, 47 percent of respondents revealed that a good work-life balance would make them more likely to apply for a job at a company, which beat out factors such as the company culture (35 percent) and the state of the company’s finances (25 percent).

How, exactly, can you ascertain whether the companies you’re applying to work for truly prioritize work-life balance? For one, your interview is a good time to ask about what type of hours employees are expected to put in, whether there are any options to work from home or work on a flexible schedule, and other work-life balance benefits the company implements. But even before that, there’s a simple way you can find out more about a company’s work-life balance: through their work-life balance rating on Glassdoor. To kick your search off, we’ve pulled together here a collection of companies with some of the top work-life balance ratings – and they’re all hiring!

Ultimate Software

Work-life Balance Rating: 4.4

Where Hiring: Fort Lauderdale, FL; Santa Ana, CA; Alpharetta, GA; San Francisco, CA; Atlanta, GA; Portland, OR, & more.

Open Roles: People Operations Specialist, Solutions Consultant, Senior Data Scientist, Workforce Management Analyst, Payroll Coordinator, Cloud Operations Engineer, & more.

What Employees Say: “The leadership in Ultimate is exceptional and shares the same vision from top to bottom. They really do put their people first and help provide an amazing atmosphere to work in. The Benefits and work/life balance is incredible here.”– Current Marketing Specialist

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CB Insights

Work-life Balance Rating: 4.5

Where Hiring: New York, NY

Open Roles: Recruiting Sourcer, Senior Software Engineer, UI Designer, Engineering Manager, VP of Demand Generation, Data Associate, & more.

What Employees Say: “I love it here! I wanted to work somewhere where people care about what they work on, but they know the importance of balance. The company is honest, hard working, understanding and always transparent. They care about the people just as much as they care about their product.” – Current Employee

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etsy offic


Work-life Balance Rating: 4.0

Where Hiring: Hudson, NY; New York, NY; San Francisco, CA

Open Roles: Machine Learning Engineer, Director of Marketplace Compliance, Staff Accountant, IT Manager, Talent Operations Manager, Senior UX Copywriter, & more.

What Employees Say: “One of the best things about this job is the work-life balance -- my managers take the stance that working 24/7 doesn't improve your performance at all, so you should take what breaks are needed to make sure you're performing at your best.” – Current Software Engineer

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Work-life Balance Rating: 4.1

Where Hiring: Nashville, TN; Fort Worth, TX; Phoenix, AZ; San Francisco, CA; Charlotte, NC, New York, NY; & more.

Open Roles: Customer Experience Team Lead, Data Analyst, Operations Manager, Trust and Safety Specialist, Renter Experience Manager, Recruiting Coordinator, & more.

What Employees Say: “Strong team environment. Everyone wants to help see you succeed. I've been surprised by some of the genuinely supportive and helpful team members I work with directly that also includes upper management. Progressive company. I am proud to work for a tech-driven, progressive company that encompasses progressive and forward-thinking views as it relates to business and the interpersonal relationships and lives of its staff. I feel accepted. I appreciate Lyft's inclusion efforts and causes they support as a company. They take care of their employees and make an effort to listen and provide feedback. Lyft's benefits package is one of the best I've received.” – Current Marketing Employee

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Zoom Video Communications

Work-life Balance Rating: 4.7

Where Hiring: San Jose, CA; Overland Park, KS; Denver, CO; Washington, DC; Atlanta, GA; Los Angeles, CA; & more.

Open Roles: Accessibility Specialist, Enterprise Sales Engineer, Recruiting Coordinator, Java Full Stack Developer, Payroll Analyst, Tax Manager, Software Architect, & more.

What Employees Say: “I love working with a company where the main value is "Care" (for customers and employees) and the overall goal is to truly make people happy. Eric Yuan is about as humble, nice, and hard-working as they get. Zoom's products are amazing. The health benefits are good and the work/life balance is great. And a full reimbursement for books is awesome! Employees are, for the most part, young, fun, smart and happy. I feel so lucky to be a part of this culture.” – Current Account Executive

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brick13roof 750xx1400 788 0 73


Work-life Balance Rating: 4.8

Where Hiring: Mountain View, CA; South San Francisco, CA

Open Roles: Operations Project Manager, SEM Manager, Ad Operations Specialist, Blog Content Strategist, Bioinformatics Manager, Facilities Maintenance Technician, & more.

What Employees Say: “The inclusive culture, the family-like feel of the company, the work/life balance, and the perks/benefits are endless: free lunches, snacks, swag, health benefits, etc. I look forward to going to work everyday not just because I love the work I do, but my team (and honestly, the entire company!) is an absolute joy to work with. There truly is nothing like knowing that the work you're doing is contributing to something far greater for the world.” – Current Employee

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Greenhouse Software

Work-life Balance Rating: 4.7

Where Hiring: Denver, CO; New York, NY; San Francisco, CA

Open Roles: Product Designer, Engineering Manager, Enterprise Customer Success Manager, Software Engineer, Customer Support Specialist, Director of IT, & more.

What Employees Say: “Greenhouse is hands down the best company I have ever worked for and truly embodies everything I would want in a company. The people here are not only fun, welcoming, helpful, and team oriented- but are also extremely bright individuals who have an understanding of both independent and team/company success. Everyone encourages each other to be the best employee you can be. Our CEO is amazing and trustworthy. I have never experienced a company with so much transparency, collaboration, and where my voice actually matters. It's also a fun, vibrant work environment where there is a great understanding of work-life balance.” – Current Sales Development Representative

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Work-life Balance Rating: 4.5

Where Hiring: New York, NY; Lisbon, Portugal; Tallinn, Estonia; Tartu, Estonia

Open Roles: Inside Sales Consultant, Customer Solutions Expert, Data Warehouse Developer, Full Stack Developer, Infrastructure Engineer, Lead Web Designer, & more.

What Employees Say: “Pipedrive values people and makes all possible to create comfortable conditions for them. It is a mature company which has pretty clear structure but at the same time teams are very flexible. Management tries to be as transparent as possible.” – Current Software Developer

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Work-life Balance Rating: 4.1

Where Hiring: Westport, CT; Ventura, CA; Reno, NV; Boulder, CO; Palo Alto, CA; Nashville, TN; & more.

Open Roles: Graphic Production Artist, Sales Associate, Director of Supplier Quality Management, Floor Lead, Inventory Accountant, Material Developer, & more.

What Employees Say: “The company does live by its mission statement and if you are an environmentalist and values driven person, you'll feel good about working for Patagonia. There is an opportunity for a good work-life-balance at Patagonia and the current CEO does seem to truly care about maintaining this, too.” – Current Employee

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Work-life Balance Rating: 4.9

Where Hiring: New York, NY

Open Roles: Lead Full Stack Engineer, Assistant Controller, Director of Product Management, Customer Happiness Associate, Copywriter, Associate Technical Designer, & more.

What Employees Say: “It all starts with the people, and this group is best in class. It's truly a family of caring, hard working, encouraging and passionate people. It's an environment that fosters great relationships and encourages collaboration. It makes you want to come into the office everyday. As a start up there is a lot of opportunity to carve your own path and shape your role. The C team is extremely accessible and easy to approach. They are very open and transparent about all aspects of the company. The product is great and continues to advance and get better. And most importantly there is an amazing donation mission attached to the business that is really making a positive impact on the world, Work and personal life balance is very encouraged and overall well being of each employee is the priority. The pace is fast and the company is experiencing a lot of growth which is very exciting. I feel lucky everyday to call Bombas my place of work.” – Current Employee

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