Working Moms Dish About Best Company Perks

Mother’s Day is a time to appreciate moms for the many jobs they do, from taking the kids to school to leading a board room meeting. In fact, approximately 71% of women in today’s workforce are working moms raising kids under 18 years of age, according to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics.

Glassdoor, a social jobs and career community, turned to recent company reviews to uncover what moms and parents appreciate most when it comes to jobs and work.

WFH [work from home] opportunities, high-quality on-site child care, and flexible start times make it a good choice for people with families.”AOL Product Manager (Dulles, VA)

Businesswoman working from home holding her baby son

“Great for working mothers!” . . .“The company provides great traditional benefits in additional to a full maternity/paternity/adoption leave as well as enhanced plans to phase back to work, mother’s room, and back-up child care.”Deutsche Bank employee (location n/a)

“Overall great company to work for – allows for flexibility for work/life and supports working moms. Good benefits and great amount of time off for sick days, vacation time and maternity leave.”JPMorgan Chase employee (location n/a)

“Great benefits…off for maternity leave and short term disability paid 100% of my salary. I thought this was the norm but talking to friends at other companies and in other industries this was a true blessing.”Booz Allen Hamilton Consultant (Atlanta, GA)

“Work/life balance was embraced. On-site childcare center . . .  Awesome benefits.”CA Technologies employee (location n/a)

“The main advantage of working at BOA is the work-life balance.  . . . The benefits are awesome: great health insurance, 401k and pension, childcare reimbursement ($135/mo for informal care or $250/mo for formal daycare) . . . A few progressive benefits: domestic partners covered, infertility covered, gender reassignment surgery covered.”Bank of America Teller (Loganville, GA)

“Benefit packages cannot be topped. Lots of vacation time. I also got a 6 month maternity. They were very supportive of my career.”Deloitte Senior Manager (New York, NY)

“You receive benefits even if you are only working twenty hours a week, such as help with child care and health insurance . . . My son got sick just a few weeks after I had started and had to be in the hospital for about a week and they were very understanding.”Bank of America Teller (Independence, MO)

“The company headquarters are amazing – and pretty much include everything you need including a doctor’s office, child care, a gym, grocery store, salon, restaurant, coffee shop and much more.”General Mills employee (Minneapolis, MN)

“Balance of work and home is excellent.  Work at home options, telecommuting, flex hours and good time off options . . . They offer lots of odd benefits like on-site child care facility, health club, discounts on phones, and sponsored events”Allstate Systems Analyst – Professional (Northbrook, IL)

What benefits and perks do working moms enjoy at your company? Share a company review and let us know!