Yahoo CEO Gives Herself 'B-'; 54% Of Employees Approve Of Bartz

Now that Yahoo CEO Carol Bartz has been in office a year, she felt it was time to do some serious professional evaluation. Well Carol, we couldn’t agree more…especially given that we did try to offer some helpful hints after former CEO Jerry Yang left office and you took the reins.

Yahoo! Reviews – Glassdoor Review

Last Friday, Carol Bartz awarded herself a B- grade for her first year leading the notorious tech giant. So naturally we turn to Yahoo! employees to see how they feel Bartz has been performing. And based on the ratings submitted since Bartz took office, employees award her a 54% approval.  By comparison, when Jerry Yang left office he had 34% approval. We have scoured the past 12 months of Yahoo! company reviews to shed some light on what they think Bartz could improve upon:

“Provide a clear direction. Let the employees know what to expect in 6months, or at least prove that you know what to expect.” – Yahoo Software Engineer (Sunnyvale, CA)

“Remove yourself from senior management, jettison the board and regroup with people who are knowledgeable and passionate about this field. The employees and stock-holders have no faith. We’re all looking for better jobs and selling our already undervalued shares.” – Yahoo Senior Director, Product Management (Sunnyvale, CA)

“Listen more to your engineers, prioritizing some of their ideas. Product managers must understand that the engineers can provide and guide ideas for a technological company.” – Yahoo Software Engineer (San Paolo, Brazil)

“The most important asset to an organization is the people! Hire talented, charismatic leaders who lead by example and earn respect of others.” – Yahoo, Technical (location n/a)

“Simplify the core business.” – Yahoo Product Marketing Manager (location n/a)

“It’s time to either come up with something innovative or just sell the business.” – Yahoo Employee (London, UK)

Do you Yahoo! or are you a Yahoo! employee? If so, what do you think Bartz should do to improve the company and its offerings?

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