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One Year Later, Yahoo CEO Marissa Mayer Enjoys 85% Approval Rating Among Employees

Over the past year, Marissa Mayer has made global headlines from the moment she was named Yahoo CEO in July 2012, to an employee ban on working from home, to instituting employee perks like free food, among other decisions that have impacted Yahoo employees. As Mayer’s one-year anniversary as CEO approaches, Glassdoor is sharing Yahoo employee insights to reveal what those on the inside have to say about Mayer’s leadership, and how it compares to her predecessors.

To date, Mayer enjoys a cumulative 85% CEO approval rating, based on 179 company reviews shared by Yahoo employees on Glassdoor.* As Yahoo and Mayer continue to compete for top tech talent with other companies in Silicon Valley and around the world, it’s interesting to see how her CEO approval rating compares to other notable tech CEOs, including Facebook’s Mark Zuckerberg (97% approval), Google’s Larry Page (95%), Apple’s Tim Cook (93%), Amazon’s Jeff Bezos (87%), Hewlett-Packard’s Meg Whitman (80%) or Microsoft’s Steve Ballmer (47%).

Breaking down Mayer’s CEO approval rating even further, it’s held relatively steady quarter by quarter; she received 84% approval during Q2 2013. And, Yahoo employees approve of Mayer’s leadership more than other Yahoo CEOs over the past five years. With an 85% cumulative approval rating after a year in office, Mayer trumps her recent predecessors. Carol Bartz’s reign ended with a 54% cumulative approval rating, while Scott Thompson left Yahoo with a 48% approval rating.

GD Report. Yahoo CEOs Comparison Yang to Mayer QoQ

Further, employee satisfaction at Yahoo has increased under Mayer’s leadership to a 3.7 (satisfied) rating in the past year, compared to a 3.4 (OK) rating during the 12 months leading to her arrival at Yahoo.** Breaking down the data quarter by quarter, Yahoo’s company rating stands at 3.7 during Q2 2013, up one point from a 2.7 (OK) rating four years ago (during Q2 2009).

GD Report. Yahoo Company Ratings QoQ

Below, check out recent commentary from Yahoo employees on what it has been like working under Marissa Mayer:

Pros of Working at Yahoo in the Past Year:

“Marissa has brought huge, positive changes to the company. The company is operating with a sense of vision and urgency that hasn’t been seen since its very early days.” – Yahoo Manager (Sunnyvale, CA)

“Things were kind of stagnant under Bartz and Thompson. Marissa Mayer has really stepped up to make life better for the employees and get rid of soul-crushing dysfunction. There’s a lot more transparency and feedback mechanisms now.” – Yahoo Senior Software Engineer (San Francisco, CA)

Cons of Working at Yahoo in the Past Year:

“Past failures (CEOs) still haunt Yahoo!… but Marissa is making fast work of retrofitting the company for the future. It will take time to turnaround.” – Yahoo Marketing Director (Sunnyvale, CA)

“Hiring approval process takes time and we lose great engineers to competitors. It’s getting much better now so I have confidence in the new process.” – Yahoo Recruiting/Sourcing (Sunnyvale, CA)

Advice to Yahoo Senior Leadership in the Past Year:

“Embrace the radical shift pushed by our CEO.” – Yahoo Employee (Dublin, Ireland)

“Work at home was one of the few remaining incentives to work at Yahoo. Marissa made a big mistake by rescinding this perk.” – Yahoo Business Operations Manager (Sunnyvale, CA)

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*Cumulative CEO approval ratings of 7/10/13. Approval ratings calculated similar to Presidential approval ratings: Employees are asked whether they approve of the way their CEO is leading the company.

**Based on at least 290 company reviews shared by Yahoo employees during 7/16/12-7/1/13 and 7/17/11-7/16/12, respectively.