Charge Nurse Job Description

What is a Charge Nurse?

A Charge Nurse can be found anywhere people are receiving care. A Charge Nurse is a Registered Nurse with experience that possesses leadership and management skills. Charge Nurses manager and assist other nurses, and provide various administrative duties. A health care facility will often employ several Charge Nurses to cover all shifts and departments. Charge Nurses duties include intake and discharge of patients to the department, assigning nurses to patients, making department schedules and many others.

A bachelor's degree in nursing, a current and valid nursing license, and years of experience are required to become a Charge Nurse. Education and licensing can be obtained through various colleges and vocational schools. While on the job experience is gained through being employed by a reputable medical treatment facility. Possessing excellent leadership and organizational skills, as well as a strong sense of compassion, are required of all Charge Nurses. Candidates must be okay with working long shifts on their feet.

Charge Nurse Job Description Template

Job Overview

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Responsibilities for Charge Nurse

  • Assist nurses with the care of patients
  • Prepare staff schedule
  • Assign available staff to specific patients
  • Coach and mentor nurses
  • Ensure proper care supplies are on hand
  • Draft monthly care reports for management
  • Handle all employee conflicts or concerns
  • Log care statistics into healthcare database

Qualifications for Charge Nurse

  • 7+ years experience in the nursing field
  • Strong Leadership skills
  • Excellent leadership and organizational capability
  • A genuine sense of compassion
  • Ability to regularly lift 75+ lbs
  • Familiarity with Windows based computer systems
  • Experience with healthcare data software
  • Willingness to work nights, weekends and holidays
  • Capable of working on your feet for 12 hrs

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