Courtesy Clerk Job Description

What is a Courtesy Clerk?

A courtesy clerk works at a retail setting, such as a grocery store. The main duty of an individual working in this role is to greet customers and assist them with locating items in the store. They should be knowledgeable about products so that they can answer any questions the customers have about prices and features. In some establishments, they are also responsible for managing inventory, tidying shelves, and cleaning the store at the end of the day.

Because duties vary from store to store, most employers provide on-the-job training. There is no formal educational requirements or experience necessary, thought employers often prefer candidates with a high school diploma or at least a year of retail experience. To be successful in this role, a courtesy clerk should be friendly and possess a strong work ethic. In positions that require bagging, customers appreciate courtesy clerks that take care not to damage items and who bag logical items together.

Courtesy Clerk Job Description Template

Job Overview

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Responsibilities for Courtesy Clerk

  • Greet and welcome each visitor politely and in a friendly manner
  • Offer to assist customers in locating items on the sales floor
  • Move carts from various areas of the store or parking lot to the cart corrals
  • Bag purchased items and offer customers to carry them to their vehicles
  • Monitor amount of bags at cash counters and replenish the supply when necessary
  • Tidy shelves and move out-of-place items to their proper shelves
  • Collect returned items from the customer service counter or cash registers to the appropriate place
  • Check prices of items for the cashiers by request

Qualifications for Courtesy Clerk

  • High school diploma preferred, but not required
  • Good verbal communication skills, especially listening and answering questions
  • Strength and stamina to stand and walk for extended periods
  • Knowledge of the layout of the store and the location of products on the sales floor
  • Basic literacy and math skills sufficient to perform tasks such as reading labels and counting items
  • Excellent customer service skills
  • Warm and persuasive personality to guide customers in selecting products for purchase
  • Willingness to participate in on-the-job training and occasional staff meetings
  • Prior sales or customer service experienced an advantage

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