IT Director Job Description

What is an IT Director?

The role of an IT director can vary greatly depending on the organization. IT directors may be responsible for overseeing the technical infrastructure within an organization, leading a team of IT staff, determining business requirements for IT systems, managing the design and implementation of IT infrastructure, and eliminating security risks. In some cases, they also oversee the organization's help desk.

Typically, IT directors have a Bachelor's degree in computer or information science, or in a related field. Some IT directors also have a graduate degree, such as an MS in information systems or an MBA. IT directors commonly have many years of experience managing IT teams. IT directors must have excellent decision-making, analytical, and leadership skills.

IT Director Job Description Template

Job Overview

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Responsibilities for IT Director

  • Oversee IT operations and supervise systems and IT staff
  • Develop strategy as it relates to the organization's IT infrastructure (computer and information systems, security, communication systems)
  • Develop, manage, and track the IT department's annual budget
  • Consult senior-level stakeholders across the entire organization to identify business and technology needs and to optimize the use of information technology
  • Ensure smooth delivery and operation of IT services by monitoring systems performance
  • Create processes and standards for selection, implementation, and support of systems
  • Provide direction, guidance, and training to IT staff

Qualifications for IT Director

  • Bachelor's degree in Information Technology, Computer Science, Information Systems, or a related field
  • 8+ years of experience working in IT operations, supervising technology teams, and overseeing large information technology projects
  • Excellent understanding of computer systems, security, network and systems administration, databases and data storage systems, and telecommunications systems
  • Strong interpersonal skills and ability to effectively communicate with teams across the entire organization
  • Excellent leadership and decision-making skills
  • Strong knowledge of project management principles

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