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Why Didn't My Company Make It?

If your company didn't make the cut this year, here are some potential reasons why:

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What Best Places to Work Winners Have in Common

A spot on Glassdoor's Best Places to Work list is a tremendous achievement. After all, employees decide which companies make the list. Curious what winners have in common?

A Mission to Believe In

  • Employees have a sense of purpose and understanding of how they make an impact
  • A motivating mission that inspires quality work

Strong Culture

  • Clearly defined and shared set of values that fosters community
  • Engaged leaders that view positive culture as part of a good business strategy


  • Employees are engaged and empowered to do their best work
  • Emphasis on employee growth and development


  • Open and clear communication, from the top down
  • Honest feedback is valued and encouraged
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