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5 Signs a Candidate Is Lying or Exaggerating

For most recruiters, taking candidates at face value is second nature. With multiple, urgent roles to fill, tons of resumes to ...
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Why Customers Are Looking at Your Glassdoor Profile

Since Glassdoor was founded in 2007, our customers have seen a lot of benefits from building a vibrant Glassdoor profile. From ...
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Why You Should Make Room for Uncomfortable Conversations in the Workplace

Are you passionate about starting a conversation in your workplace about diversity and inclusion (D&I), but you’re not qu...
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3 Situations Where Managers Need to Ignore Work Performance

Being a manager is largely a balancing act, constantly weighing the wants, needs, and priorities of different people against ea...
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How to Hire Collaborative Employees

Being collaborative is an important trait for employees, and when companies write job descriptions, a form of the word often is...
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10 Qualities That Returning Caregivers Bring to the Workplace

While employers and recruiters may initially hesitate to hire a return-to-work caregiver, they may want to reconsider. Candidat...
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4 Reasons Why Hiring Bilingual People Will Help Your Business Succeed

In an increasingly multicultural America, a bilingual/multilingual employee can be an invaluable addition to your workforce. Pe...
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7 Ways to Deliver a Stellar Employee Experience

At the highest level, employee experience or EX illustrates everything that people encounter, observe or feel over the course o...
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7 HR & Recruiting Articles to Read This October

While the autumn season signals the beginning of cozy weather, pumpkin spice lattes and the holiday season, it can also bring s...
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How to Incorporate Storytelling Into Your Recruiting Strategy

The corporate world has used storytelling to market and sell products for decades, if not centuries. And because stories are in...
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5 Ways To Assess Talent and Build For the Future

When you design an organization, the journey is as important as the destination. As you align business objectives and prioritie...
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Here’s What You Missed at Glassdoor Recruit 2018

At Glassdoor, we know that a company is only as good as its people — that’s why we’re passionate about helping employers...
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