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10 Ways to Get Started with Employer Branding

Every employer has room for improvement, especially when it comes to employee growth and satisfaction. Here are ten easy ways to start creating and improving your employer brand today.

1. Define an Authentic Employer Brand. Start by claiming your Free Employer Account on Glassdoor, then make sure that your company job description is authentic and current on the web, your career site, and social media channels. Update your information frequently so that its message aligns with your evolving culture and work environment.

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2. Validate Your EVP with Employees and Candidates. When it comes to your employer value proposition (EVP), take the time to listen to what employees are saying, address the issues they raise, and then ask employees to join the conversation on sites such as Glassdoor. Also, monitor that your employer brand is resonating with the right candidates.

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3. Make Your Employer Brand Visual and Compelling. Show job seekers a realistic preview of what it's like to work at your organization by posting photos and videos. Skip stock photos in favor of images of your own employees.

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4. Be Consistent. Train your recruiters, hiring managers, and executives so they can tell a consistent story about your organization and why it's a great place to work.

5. Benchmark Your Brand Awareness and Reputation. Analytics can help you refine and optimize your branding process. Use data to make better decisions that can help you win the war for talent and improve your strategy.

6. Fix What's Broken. Bad reviews aren't necessarily bad for business. In fact, most people are suspicious when they don't see any areas for improvement highlighted. Be sure to respond to reviews promptly, say "thank you," address any problems, be considerate, and recognize positives.

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7. Make Employees Your Brand Ambassadors. No matter what positions they hold in your company, your employees can be your best brand advocates. Employee reviews have a powerful influence on job seekers, so your top talent can help you attract other top talent.

8. Maintain and Engage Social Channels. By linking to Glassdoor and other social media sites or highlighting employee testimonials on your career site, you build trust with candidates.

9. Ask Candidates for Feedback. First impressions are everything, so ask your candidates to post reviews about the interview process. What they say can help you address problems and make improvements.

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10. Rinse and Repeat. Never Stop. Employer branding isn't a "set it and forget it" process. Never stop monitoring your reputation and working to improve your employer brand. That way, your company message will continue to resonate with your target talent.

Take charge of your employee brand today or others will control it for you. Savvy organizations are shaping their value-add stories on Glassdoor. Be the author of your own story! Sign up today for a Free Employer Account >