Month: November 2013

6 Tips for Writing Effective Job Descriptions

Writing an effective job description isn’t exactly rocket science, but there are some key things to keep in mind for maximum ...
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Fannie Mae: Employer Brand vs. Employee Sentiment

How do government-sponsored enterprises like the Federal National Mortgage Association (FNMA), commonly known as Fannie Mae, st...
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Have Tough To Fill Roles? Forget Everything You Did In The Past

Finding good workers is challenging enough, but identifying candidates for those hard to fill positions can be downright imposs...
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Why Photos Are a Must for Your Employer Brand

As social media has become the leading way of connecting with others and with brands, photo sharing has become the choice metho...
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5 Habits of Successful HR Pros

I have had the true pleasure of working with, meeting and interviewing a wide range of amazing HR Professionals. So when Glassd...
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How to Recruit Nurses

Recent nursing school graduates may be easy to recruit and hire but when it comes to experienced ones, companies of all sizes...
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5 Effective Job Posting Tips for Recruiters

Sometimes posting a job to find that perfect candidate can seem downright agonizing. You might be lacking in resumes, or drowni...
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How to Recruit Recent College Grads

Every year there is a new batch of college graduates hitting the pavement looking for their new career. Actually, there are abo...
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Does Your Company Really Have an Employer Brand?

Your employer brand is the promise you make to potential employees, as well as the impression they have of your company, and...
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Why Employers Shouldn’t Give Up On the Exit Interview

The exit interview has caught a lot of flack from the HR industry for being unproductive, inconclusive and skewed. By it’s ...
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How to Turn Employees Into Brand Ambassadors

Human resources professionals can spend all their time crafting messages, updating profiles and responding to online reviews to...
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Maximize Your Brand Presence for Free on Glassdoor

Everyone’s talking about employment branding these days but many small and mid-size companies are concerned they don’t have...
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