Month: January 2014

The 5 Questions Every Candidate Hopes You'll Ask

Interviewing is usually stressful for the candidate, but what about the hiring manager? Interviewing candidates to determine wh...
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Trends in Employer Branding

As more employers seek to build their employer brands to attract and keep top talent, the field of employer branding continues ...
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Employer Branding for Small Companies

Most of the employers around the world are small businesses, employing 500 or (many) fewer workers. And while a small business ...
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Career Product Marketing: What Are You Selling?

On my social recruiting blog, I recently talked about how organizations are using crowdsourcing to improve marketing messages t...
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Where to Communicate Your Employer Brand

Once you’ve established the values and messages of your employer brand, it’s time to determine how to communicate those val...
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How to Refresh Your Seasoned Company’s Employer Brand

Employer branding may not be new for your company. Maybe your organization has been actively branding its employment experience...
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Top Reasons Human Resources Makes a Great Career

I was thinking about the recent series of movies that have come out in 2013 – Wolf of Wall Street, Saving Mr....
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How To Stay On Top Of Company Chatter

In the role of the HR professional, talent acquisition expert or recruiter, a key part of the job is keeping a finger...
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How to Build Employee Loyalty

It’s no surprise consumers are loyal to certain brands given the money and energy companies pour into building brand loyalty....
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5 Unique Ways to Boost Employee Morale

Engaging employees in the day-to-day business is one of those tasks that seems simple but actually requires quite a bit of effo...
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How Enterprise Rent-A-Car Leveraged Social Recruiting to Fill 1,137 Positions

The beauty of social recruiting is that it provides the perfect forum for employers to tell their companys’ stories in an aut...
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Weird, Funny and Strange Interview Questions HR Should Be Asking

Ask a job seeker what his or her weaknesses are and chances are they will say they work too hard. Ask that...
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