3 HR and Recruiting Podcasts You Should Listen To

3 HR and Recruiting Podcasts You Should Listen To

“What podcasts in the HR space do you listen to regularly?” When I queried a few marketing colleagues on that topic, I noticed a few eye-rolls, as if I might have asked, “Hey, do you like to listen to grass grow?”

That Monday morning indifference set me off to find a shortlist of podcasts that break the standard guest-interview mold, that lend a little cheek to discussions on industry topics (certification, anyone?) and that go a few miles and minutes beyond, “So, tell our listeners, how did you get your start?”

For example, Best Part of My Job Podcast host Lars Olson loves asking his guests, “What’s the best part of your job?”

“As a recruiter, I’ve asked this question hundreds of times,” he says. “It’s a simple question that often leads to anything-but-simple answers. These answers open a window into what people seek from work. It illuminates their drivers, and helps you understand what they truly value from their job.”

Ready to press play? Here’s the top three for your listening and learning pleasure:

Best Part of My Job Podcast

“I’m comfortable not having all the answers… You don’t want to know the dark crevices of my mind…”

If you’re looking for candid, straight-from-the-soul admissions like those from Key Interval Research Co-Founder William Tincup, the legendary HR and recruiting analyst, iconoclast and provocateur, Olson’s The Best Part of My Job is worth a listen during that long Uber ride, on the gym elliptical or seven miles high in coach.

That is, unless you’re shy about running headlong into delicious, stream-of-consciousness minutes salted with: “God-like complex… it’s a con… I call bullshit… we’re going west of the Mississippi… I get inspiration when people write about their struggle…”

The CYA Report Podcast from Fistful of Talent

Another podcast living on the talent acquisition bleeding edge is Fistful of Talent’s CYA Report, “a free-flowing, sometimes mature discussion of HR and talent issues.”

It’s rife with quick-witted, give-and-take banter (“a shot of snark”) like the recent CYA Report E71: Welcome To SHRM-SCP Certification. Host Kris Dunn and guest Tim Sackett, President at HRU Technical Resources, take a straightforward industry concern and spin it up into something more, tongues planted firmly in cheek, in effect, making even a discussion of acronyms sound interesting.

Kris: “Do you need a shower after going through this (certification)?”

Tim: “A monkey could have received this… I think I got something I don’t deserve... I don’t think I feel like I’ve accomplished anything... It kind of feels a little dirty…”

Snark indeed.

Skilled Up’s Fearless Careers Podcast

Aptly named, the Fearless Careers (“Stories and Skills for Success”) podcast, hosted by Ander Frischer, features professionals, industry leaders and “up-and-coming go-getters” in all stages of their careers.  

The FC archives is chock-a-block with compelling titles like “Empathy and Humility in Your Career,” “Choosing Your Environment by Work/Life Design,” “Crafting Stories Into a Career,” “Learning a Language as a Gateway to a Career,” “Nurturing Relationships with the Power of Storytelling” and “Getting Noticed Doing Something Extraordinary.”

Plus a personal house favorite, “Building an Employer Brand” with Glassdoor’s own “Awesome” Alicia Garibaldi, Senior Manager of Content Marketing, who offers actionable takeaways on improving your company reputation, and why culture and transparency do matter in attracting great hires.

Good listening!

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