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3 Reasons to Use Glassdoor's Self-Serve Job Posting Solution

Whether you're a small business trying recruit or hiring manager with a growing team at a large corporation, you need an easy-to-use tool to help you find great candidates - and do so, all within your recruiting budget.  Glassdoor introduced our self-serve job posting solution for hiring managers looking to post up to five open positions. Provided below are three reasons to use Glassdoor to recruit.

1. Glassdoor attracts more quality candidates than ever.

We're incredibly proud to share that Glassdoor is the #2 job site in the U.S. For employers looking to recruit, this means that not only do you get more people looking at your open jobs, but that you get more people who self-qualify themselves for your company. Glassdoor is unique because we pair together all the latest job listings with insights into what it's like to work at specific jobs and companies. In return, employers get candidates who have clearer expectations as to what the job will really be like and what they could get paid.

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2. Glassdoor's job posting solution is half the cost of LinkedIn

Do you like burning money? Didn't think so. Glassdoor's self-serve job posting solution is half the cost of LinkedIn's. With Glassdoor, you can reach 57 million job seekers from across 190 countries. We'll help employers find that needle in the haystack at a much lower cost.

Not only do your jobs get in front of the Glassdoor audience, we also post your jobs to 100+ of the leading job sites around the web.


3. Glassdoor tracks job seeker activity

When you use Glassdoor's self-service job posting solution you get access to some easy-to-understand analytics so you can track how many times your job listing was shown, viewed and how many people applied.

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Beyond Our Self Serve Job Posting Solution

In addition to our self-serve job posting solution, Glassdoor for Employers offers a range of job advertising and employer branding solutions that meet the varying needs of all size companies and organizations. Glassdoor Job Advertising, available to employers looking to post less than five open positions, can be purchased separately or can be bundled with Employer Branding. Enhanced Profiles allow employers to customize elements of their Glassdoor profile pages and actively engage with job seekers. These additional Glassdoor products receive advanced analytics to track brand, reputation and recruiting activity.


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