3 Ways Staffing Agencies Can Use Marketing Strategies on Glassdoor
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3 Ways Staffing Agencies Can Use Marketing Strategies on Glassdoor

To remain competitive in the staffing industry, making top-quality placements consistently is paramount.

If you want to become a go-to name for effective staffing, marketing on Glassdoor is one of the best tools you can have in your arsenal. With the power to post jobs, connect those jobs to a branded profile, and gather deep insights from analytics, you’ll gain the competitive edge you need to be the staffing firm of choice for your industry.

Here are our top three marketing strategies for staffing agencies:

1. Sign up for Job Slots

When you post a job, you want to be sure you’re getting in front of the candidates that will make the best placements. Candidates come to Glassdoor to research and engage with employers. They’re reading interview questions, researching benefits, and educating themselves on the employment landscape. These are candidates that care.

Meanwhile, 70 percent of people read reviews before they make a decision (Mintel, 2015). At some point in the job search process, it’s highly likely job seekers will come across your Glassdoor profile, and when they do you can entice them to apply for your open positions.

The flexibility of posting a job on Glassdoor using Job Slots allows staffing firms to remain agile in reprioritizing placements while maintaining budget predictability. Job Slots act like frames for your job postings. You can swap them in and out at any time without purchasing an entirely new job posts. This allows you to react more quickly on behalf of clients with immediate hiring needs.

2. Brand your profile

Having a branded profile to accompany your open jobs will allow candidates to have a more streamlined job search experience and positive interaction with your organization. Direct employers can leverage a Glassdoor profile to recruit talent for their organization. As a staffing firm, you can also utilize it in this capacity, but you also have the added benefit of leveraging the reviews on your branded profile as a public stream of placement testimonials.

By encouraging your placements to submit reviews of their experience working with you, you can encourage other job seekers to choose to work with your staffing firm over a competitor. Additionally, these testimonials can be used to acquire new business, illustrating your successful placements on behalf of other clients.

Also by utilizing social integration, a customizable “Why Work for Us” section, and the company updates feature, you can deliver relevant information to Glassdoor’s highly engaged audience.

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3. Dive into analytics

Glassdoor delivers deep, analytical insights for both jobs and Enhanced Profiles. For example, you can identify which job titles and descriptions perform best, and benchmark key indicators of success like click-through-rate, conversion rate and number of applies. You can also better target the content you share on your profile based on the candidate demographic information within the Employer Center.

One of the most valuable uses of your analytics is being able to report back to stakeholders on the performance of their jobs and give clients accurate updates on their open requisitions.

In summary

Capitalizing on the opportunities afforded by Glassdoor Job Slots, branded Glassdoor profile, and analytics intelligence will give your staffing firm a competitive edge. Not only will it set you up for success in attracting both candidates and clients, but testimonials and reviews by successfully placed candidates will help you optimize your future efforts and keep your staffing firm at the top of its talent acquisition game.

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