4 Advantages of Pay Per Click Job Ads

Pay-for-performance or pay-per-click job boards (PPC) is the preferred method of recruitment advertising for companies that want a cost-effective way to post jobs online.

Unlike traditional job boards where a company pays a flat fee to post jobs online, also referred to as the ‘post and pray’ model of recruitment advertising, there are no guarantees of visibility or candidate interest. Pay-per-click, or pay-for-performance, offers a flexible option through which companies only pay for the results delivered. In this case, results are measured by the number of times a candidate chooses to view your job listing by clicking on the link.

Below are four advantages of Pay Per Click Job Posting:

Customizable to Company Size and Budget

If paying upwards of $400 to post your job for 30 days doesn’t sound like a good investment, especially when there’s no guarantee your jobs will be shown and clicked on by candidates, running a PPC campaign based on your budget will allow you to control costs. By selecting a monthly package based on your number of open positions or setting a daily max budget for a PPC campaign, you’re not forced into a one-size-fits-all situation as you are with flat fee job posting solutions. (Learn more: How much it costs to post a job online)

Pay-per-click: Only Pay When a Candidate Clicks on Your Job

PPC advertising costs are based on performance and measured by the number of views from candidates. With ‘post and pray,’ you pay the same regardless if you get a million clicks from interested candidates or none. With pay-per-performance, you only pay when an interested candidate clicks on your job posting. If the jobs weren’t in as high demand as expected or the audience wasn’t quite the right fit, not to worry. Your account manager can work with you to determine how you might tweak your strategy. For example, some tips include: altering the job title, revising the job description or targeting a different audience.

Trackable Results and ROI

With traditional job boards, you post your job for a month or two, cross your fingers, and hope for the best. You have no insight into whether money was well spent unless you manually track how candidates heard about your open positions. One of the biggest advantages to PPC job boards is the visibility you have into its success through tracking and reporting capabilities. With Job Ads – Glassdoor’s PPC for recruitment companies – you can track on a daily basis how many interested candidates have clicked on your job postings and gain insights into the number of applications completed, instead of anxiously waiting for applications.

1-click Apply on Your Career Site

Connect with your job seekers directly and ensure they can quickly and easily apply for your job once they’ve clicked on the posting. For example, every time interested candidates click on your sponsored jobs on Glassdoor, they are sent directly to the posting on your career site instead of being hijacked by a third party job board that may require a login or additional information. In addition, your employment brand stays top of mind since job seekers won’t be distracted by other websites or advertisements during the application process.

One important tip to consider whether you are an expert in online advertising or just starting out, look for vendors like Glassdoor that offer both job posting tools for the experienced online recruiter and provide access to a dedicated account manager should you have any questions or want help getting started building out  multiple job advertising campaigns. An account manager or client support specialist with online recruitment advertising expertise can help not only set up the campaign, but they can also point you in the right direction to track results and optimize for maximum impact.

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