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4 Must-See Sessions at Recruit 2019

HR executives and talent acquisition professionals who flock to San Francisco next month for Glassdoor Recruit 2019 should come prepared to take notes, be inspired and learn how to recruit the candidate of tomorrow. A new decade is coming, and Glassdoor can equip you with new products, features and insights to hire quality candidates better than ever.

This year’s event on October 23 at SF’s City View Metreon boasts 9 expertly-curated sessions delivering industry-leading talent acquisition strategies, new research into the minds of top candidates, and a first look at the future of Glassdoor.

If you’re still on the fence about attending, we’ve selected four of the can’t-miss sessions at Recruit. And because we’re sharing a first look at new products, this year’s Recruit won’t be live-streamed. The only way to learn the latest is to attend live.

1. “How to Find Your Deeper Meaning”

Industry trailblazer and change-maker Laszlo Bock (CE0 & Co-founder Humu, Author of Work Rules! & former Google SVP of People Operations) will deliver the keynote address that will inspire you to take 2020 by the horns. Some people work for a check, and some work to climb a ladder. But others work because they know deep in their souls that their work matters and that they are building something even greater than themselves. No one understands this more than Bock, who stepped away from the role-of-a-lifetime at Google to start his own HR software firm. Why? In his own words, he wanted to “keep learning and growing,” and find out if he could make work better for everyone, everywhere. At Recruit, he shares that if you want to be surrounded by passionate, motivated, high performing people, you need to connect them to a mission that matters.

2. “How Glassdoor is Innovating for Tomorrow”

Annie Pearl, Glassdoor’s Senior Vice President and Head of Product and UX/Design will walk you through how the hiring industry is adapting to the future of work and what you can expect from Glassdoor. We’re particularly excited to show you the new products and features we are rolling out.

Glassdoor is once again disrupting the recruiting process. We’ll share an exclusive sneak peek into the tools Glassdoor offers to help you proactively match career-conscious job seekers with your company. This is the session that will reaffirm your company’s increased investment in high-ROI recruiting tools and employer branding. #Innovation

3. “Attracting the Career-Conscious Candidate”

We’re living in a candidate-driven market where the competition for top talent continues to rise. Talent teams are faced with the challenge of hiring well and hiring quickly to balance the tension between candidate quality and speed. This panel will explore what today’s top candidates want and how companies are successfully navigating these turbulent waters to hire fast and hire well.

Denise Moulton, VP of HR and Talent Research Leader at Bersin Deloitte; Amanda Runner, VP of B2B Marketing at Glassdoor; and Andrea Robb, VP of Talent, Culture, and Diversity at Autodesk will share practical insights on who these job seekers are, what they want, and how companies can win them over. Plus, we’ll tackle closing and retaining top talent. After all, employers and HR leaders are rethinking their employee value propositions to drive greater retention among their best people. Talent professionals, this is one session your entire team should attend!

4. Your Interview Process is Dated – Get Upgraded

The honest truth — straight with no chaser — is that your interview process may be the reason why your team isn’t able to close candidates. Old-school interviews are a thing of the past. Today’s job seekers are all about engaging with convenience, discovering robust information, and finding mutual investment. If you want to keep pace with the high speed and high stakes of today’s job search, you’ve got to learn how to interview remote candidates, leverage the latest tech tools and overhaul stale interview questions stat.

Executives from Dropbox, Lululemon, and Textio will get real about how they’ve overhauled their interview processes at every point: preparing hiring managers, evaluating candidate feedback, training interview loops, drafting unique interview questions, curating the candidate experience and following up post-interview. Get the tactics you need to ensure your process is efficient and effective at hiring quality candidates.

These four sessions are just a fraction of what you’ll learn at Recruit 2019. To register and see more, check out the full line-up and then book your trip to San Francisco. See you there!

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