How to Find Qualified Candidates
find qualified candidates

How to Find Qualified Candidates

Do you ever wish finding qualified job candidates for your small business was as simple as it used to be? You'd just place one ad in the Classified section of your local paper, the perfect candidate would see it over his morning coffee, circle it in red pen, come in and get the job.

At least, that's the way it always happened in the movies.

In real life, finding qualified candidates for your business has never been quite that easy. The good news is there are many more ways to find your dream job candidate than there used to be. But that can also be the bad news-because the myriad alternatives can become overwhelming. Here are some tips to help you get a grip (and get the ideal job candidate waltzing in your door).

How to Find Qualified Candidates

  1. Start online. Since qualified job candidates start their search on the Internet, that's the first place you should advertise. Advertising jobs online doesn't have to be costly-look for options that charge you only when customers click on your ad, for example, and you'll save big. Also target your ad as closely as you can to the type of job board where the candidates you're seeking are likely to go. Finally, find out if your ads run in more than one place, such as on partner sites or in mobile apps.
  2. Partner with local organizations. Speaking of partners, local organizations such as regional occupational training programs, apprenticeship programs, adult education schools and colleges and universities can all be good sources of qualified job candidates. For example, if you're looking for computer programmers or coders, consider developing a partnership with a local technology training school. Finally, contact your Chamber of Commerce or Economic Development Department to see what kinds of programs your city has in place to help match employers with job candidates.
  3. Spread the word. Good old-fashioned networking is still a great adjunct to your traditional job candidate search tactics. Tell everyone you know (both personal and professional contacts) that you're seeking a new employee and what type of person you're looking for. Best-case scenario: You could find the perfect employee who not only has the skills and experience you need, but also comes recommended by someone you know and trust.
  4. Round out your search by getting social. Social media is a great tool for finding qualified job candidates. Put the word out on social media that you're looking for employees, and link to your online ads and your business website. Make sure your business website conveys the feel of your business. If your "About" page is somewhat skimpy, rev up with photos of your staff and offices, fun bios of your key employees or even videos of your staff that show what it's like to work there (hopefully, a fun and engaging place!).

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