4 Ways Data Can Improve the Candidate Journey
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4 Ways Data Can Improve the Candidate Journey

Data has the opportunity to either prove our assumptions, or show us where our assumptions are off. Either way, a good look at some of the statistics shared by Chamberlain in his talk at Recruit shed some light on common issues facing talent acquisition and human resources today. Here’s a summary with links to the research.

1. Attract candidates with positive reviews

A recent academic study showed that positive reviews improve job seeker interest in applying. And, not surprisingly, those who saw a negative review want 20% higher pay. In short, if your company culture is flagging, it will cost you.

2. Improve your hiring process

Job interviews that are challenging – but not too challenging (a 4 on a 5 point scale) – will lead to more satisfied employees later on. Adding an interview or screening component that mimics what it’s really like to do the job will not only help you select the best candidates, it will help your employees feel that they’re valued for their skills after winning out over others on a challenge.

3. A great culture keeps employees satisfied

To retain employees, offer a great culture, transparent leadership, and career opportunities. Employees are more likely to leave for a company with a better culture and better management. The research shows that getting your culture right and having inspirational leaders is more important that offering big raises.

4. Retain employees with career growth

Employees that stagnate in a role too long are more likely to leave. The average time between roles for employees in a Glassdoor study is 10 months, so if you’re not discussing career growth at least every year, employees are more likely to go somewhere else to get ahead.

Check out Glassdoor’s infographic that illustrates the 9 Way Recruiting Has Changed Since Glassdoor Launched, and download Recruitment Marketing for Dummies.