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4 Ways To Recruit Recent College Grads

Each year, thousands of college graduates shuffle off campuses and venture out into the world to get a full-time job. They’re shiny and new and full of potential, just waiting to be hired. But, it may not be as easy as it sounds to recruit them. In the same way it’s important find the right employees in general, it’s important to focus in on the college graduates that are at the head of the pack. These grads will be the most sought-after bunch every May and December, so being on top of your recruiting game is vital to reaching this group.

Take a look at these four ways to recruit recent college grads.

1. Make Your Company’s Presence Known. To be at the forefront of graduates’ minds when it’s time to search for a job, make your company’s presence known well before graduation day arrives. Sponsor campus events, offer to send your best employees to present about relevant topics and get involved in professional organizations on campus. If you were marketing a product, you’d want customers to have multiple impressions of your brand’s name. Think of recruiting recent grads for your company the same way. The more they hear about you, the better.

2. Use Social Media. Social media is talked about a lot these days, and it’s for good reason; 83 percent of all 18-29 year olds use some type of social media. Take advantage of channels like Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, Tumblr and Instagram to reach recent grads. Not every channel will be ideal for every industry or business, but don’t rule any of them out right off the bat. After all, you may think of Pinterest as a website just for recipes and crafts, but it actually attracts higher-educated women. Potential candidates? I think so.

3. Tout the Benefits that are Important to this Generation. When speaking with grads, skip the 401(k) talk and brag about your company’s philanthropic efforts and sustainability implementation. Many college graduates now are more concerned with the ‘feel-good’ aspects of their future career than it’s tangible benefits. They also value flexible schedules, the opportunity to be creative and autonomy in the workplace. Hone in on these and you’ll have college graduates sending you resumes left and right.

4. Create a Pipeline of New Grads with Internship Opportunities. Internships are a valuable way for students to gain experience, but they’re also an often-forgotten way of staffing your company with full-time employees. Rather than thinking of internships in terms of a semester or school year, think of them as long-term investments. When you give your interns the chance to learn and be mentored, they’ll see the value you place on employees. It’s vital that these internships are worthwhile to the students because when it comes time to seek full-time employment, you’ll be on your intern’s mind. It’s just a question of whether you’re a top choice or a back up.

Do you have your finger on the pulse of recruiting college graduates? Add to our list by sharing your secrets below.