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5 Best Practices for Your 2015 Strategic HR Plan


As we make our way into 2015, as HR practitioners, there are many different things we need to be aware of throughout the new year to make sure that it is a good one. By being aware of these things and doing them correctly, we can set ourselves up for a successful year as well as maintain momentum throughout it while contributing to the overall success of our organizations.

Using HR Best Practices to Build a strategic plan for the year

Plan ahead, be strategic, it is pretty basic. Be aware of trends from previous years. Use those trends to plan for the new year. Be cautious so that you can be confident. If you plan properly and adhere to your plan, it will set you up for success throughout the year. You will see how the other best practices discussed below are all connected. Being aware of this and planning accordingly will set you up for success.

Periodically throughout the year, go back and revisit your HR plan. Make the necessary adjustments needed to keep you on the track toward success and contribution to the overall success of your organization.

Talent acquisition

The job market is getting more and more competitive and thus more goes into attracting new talent. HR professionals have to be on point throughout the recruitment and hiring processes in order to hire the best talent for their companies. This means using the best job posting tools, the best ATS, creating the best candidate experience, and leveraging the best practices in human resources to build an amazing employer brand.

The recruiter is a potential employee’s first impression of the company. It is important to always be aware of this. Half the battle is making sure that talent feels valued, desired and respected. Being successful at that can often times outweigh salary and other forms of potential compensation.

Avoid layoffs

Layoffs are something we all would like to avoid. This may seem like a no-brainer best practice, but you’ll want to always keep this top-of-mind in case the economy or your business ever faces a downswing. Always be prepared for the worst regardless of your organizations current state.

It is easy for companies to see improvements and jump into hiring, spending and whatever else, head first. It might be a good idea to take a step back and take in the whole picture before doing that. Things are still a little unstable for many businesses.

Compensation planning

Over the last few years, many companies have seen salaries increase to astonishing heights. Determining what the best practice is for salary bumps is necessary to ensure you don’t go broke overpaying talent. Especially mediocre or sub-par talent.

The median base rate salary increase expected for 2015 is 3%. This number is still lower than pre-recession levels but is consistent with what most companies saw in 2014. As the job market continues its post-recession upswing, it will be important to plan accordingly and keep your company positioned at a point where salaries are competitive enough to attract new talent as well as retain the employees you already have. Make sure to plan accordingly when hiring for positions, reward top talent, and cut the fat to keep your team lean and high-performing.

Improving culture

Your company culture and employer brand are crucial to bring in top talent. How businesses foster and express their cultures will be an increasing HR best practice that will push businesses past the talent gap.

Over the last few years, many companies have started paying much more attention to their NPS (net promoter score) as an indicator of how well the organization as a whole is performing. Directly tied to their customer NPS is their eNPS (employee net promoter score). The greater the satisfaction of their employees, the greater the satisfaction of their customers.

Based on the results of these surveys, businesses are making improvements to increase employees satisfaction and subsequently both their eNPS and NPS scores.

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