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5 Best Practices to Recruit Employees

When looking to recruit top talent to your organization, there are a few tactics an employer can take in order to attract the most appealing candidates.

Get the Word Out

If job seekers aren’t aware you are hiring – and want the best talent out there – how will they know you are interested in them? Having a robust and detailed career site is key, but job seekers may not be going directly to your company’s career page to look for open positions. Make sure you are reinforcing your desire to recruit top level talent by communicating with your current employees  – and getting the message out there through your Employer Brand as well.

Make Job Descriptions Attractive

Whether job seekers are coming directly to your career site, Employer Profile or elsewhere, ensuring your job descriptions are clear is essential to sending the right message to potential candidates. Focus on giving job seekers the basics of what’s entailed of the role, as well as enticing information to make a candidate think – “this is where I need to be.”

Send a Clear Message

In order to provide future employees with the right insight into your organization, you need to inform job seekers what a true day in the life really looks like at your organization. Employee testimonials on your career site can help provide insight to job seekers looking at your organization, as well as leveraging your Employer Profile on Glassdoor.

Focus on your Brand

As mentioned above, writing effective job descriptions and making sure people know you are hiring are some of the best practices to generating top talent into your recruitment pipeline. Beyond that, Employers must focus on developing a positive brand and reputation of a top tier Employer in their industry and location. By doing so, you are providing job seekers with the information they need to make the most informed decision about where to work.

Be Honest & Genuine

At the end of the day, job seekers want what everyone wants: the truth. Use the tips above to make sure you are painting an accurate picture of the culture of your organization and the types of candidates you are looking to attract. By being genuine about your recruiting and hiring goals, you will also minimize your attrition rate, as job seekers will have a clearer picture of your organization, and be more inclined to develop a career within your organization.