5 CEO Responses on Glassdoor Worth Reading|5 CEO Responses on Glassdoor Worth Reading

5 CEO Responses on Glassdoor Worth Reading

Think responding to Glassdoor reviews is solely the responsibility of HR personnel? Think again. When an executive responds to employee reviews, it demonstrates that even at the highest levels, the company appreciates its employees, takes feedback seriously and is always looking to improve.

We’ve published numerous blog posts and guides on how to craft effective review responses, such as How to Respond to Reviews, Responding to Reviews: Tips For Companies Large and Small and 5 Essentials for Managing Glassdoor Reviews from Power Users — but there’s something to be said for learning by example, too. So to help you out, we’ve picked a few of our favorite CEO responses on Glassdoor and explained what makes them work so well.

Response #1

This is an example of how Sisense's CEO responded to an employee review on Glassdoor

Even the best companies will get a critical review every once in a while. But this shouldn’t be cause for dread — rather, it’s an opportunity. In the first paragraph of his response, Amir Orad, CEO of Sisense (4.1 stars) thanks the former employee who left the review for taking the time to leave feedback, and acknowledges the positives found within it, like the reviewer’s approval of his leadership. He then agrees that the company is moving at a lightning-fast pace, but rather than framing it as a con, he acknowledges that this is simply the reality of working at a disruptive startup. Doing this encourages candidates that are well-suited to such an environment to apply, while signaling to those who aren’t that Sisense may not be the right fit for them, which is a good thing — your company can’t (and shouldn’t) be everything to everybody!

Orad also points out the benefits of being a rapidly-moving company — satisfied customers, industry accolades — while also inviting the reviewer to follow up with him if they have any specific concerns that can be addressed, which showcases the company’s growth mindset. Finally, Orad takes the high road by “[choosing] to not debate a feeling,” but instead affirming the company’s commitment to upward mobility.

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Response #2

This is an example of how Greenhouse's CEO responded to an employee review on Glassdoor

After receiving a great review, many employers choose to just say something as simple as “Thanks so much for the review. I agree!” Dan Chait, CEO of Greenhouse Software (4.8 stars) goes the extra mile, though, by delivering a compliment tailored to the author’s review. Not only does Chait mention that the author managed to write his favorite Glassdoor review yet — he also reminds them of the tremendous impact their team has on the company overall, and for thriving in a challenging job. He also makes it clear that everyone, regardless of who they are or where they come from, is welcome at Greenhouse, and offers a heartfelt thanks for a thoughtful review.

Response #3

This is an example of how nbkc Bank's CEO responded to an employee review on Glassdoor

This message from Brian Unruh, CEO of nbkc bank (5.0 stars) proves that responses don’t have to be lengthy to be thoughtful. In one succinct message, Unruh expresses gratitude for the reviewer’s review, acknowledges their feedback, shares the fact that they are constantly looking to improve and highlights the fact that the company offers employee sabbaticals — that’s sure to catch a job seeker’s eye!

Response #4

This is an example of how Glassdoor's CEO responded to an employee review on Glassdoor

At Glassdoor (4.1 stars), we practice what we preach — and that starts at the very top! Our CEO and Co-Founder, Robert Hohman, regularly responds to relevant Glassdoor reviews, including this one from an employee in the Sales department working out of Glassdoor’s newly opened Chicago office. In his review, Hohman reiterates his excitement for the new office and all the hard work that went into it but also mentions how the best is yet to come, which is a great way to keep employees engaged and motivated. He then recognizes the author’s feedback around improving internal communication, while stating that transparency is a key focus of the company and sharing the steps they are taking to make it even better. Finally, he thanks the employee not just for their review, but for their contributions to the company. Signing the note with his name at the end adds a nice, personal touch as well!

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Response #5

This is an example of how Logical Position Response's CEO responded to an employee review on Glassdoor

When you receive a largely positive review, there is sometimes a temptation to focus only on the positive and brush over the constructive feedback. But in this response, Michael Weinhouse, Co-CEO of Logical Position (4.5 stars), finds a healthy balance between both. He emphasizes the “pros” the author mentions in their review — the culture, the people — but doesn’t ignore the fact that sales can be a stressful job (which some employers might dismiss as simply the nature of the field). Instead, he shares that he takes this feedback seriously, has spoken with employees about the issue before and that there are concrete plans in the works to help mitigate the issue. In inviting the author of the review to follow up with him, he goes a step further than most by providing his work email and phone number — talk about an open-door policy!

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