5 Great Companies With Apprenticeship Programs|5 Great Companies With Apprenticeship Programs

5 Great Companies With Apprenticeship Programs

In honor of the U.S. Department of Labor’s first National Apprenticeship Week, we’re featuring five employers who offer apprenticeship programs or trainee opportunities for their employees. Companies with Apprenticeship Programs are rare and these opportunities can be an incredibly lucrative option for job seekers to learn new skills or start an entirely new career while getting paid.

To help match Americans with apprenticeships, earlier this year Glassdoor unveiled On-the-Job Training Finder, an interactive job search mapping tool featuring openings that provide on-the-job training.
How to Find Apprenticeship Programs
Using Glassdoor, job seekers can actually filter opportunities using an “Apprentice/Trainee” filter in their job search to help people quickly find on-the-job opportunities in a wide array of industries, including construction, engineering, insurance, healthcare, retail, travel and even pet services, like dog grooming apprenticeships.

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Currently in the United States, there are approximately 60,000 apprenticeship and trainee positions open*, ranging in experience requirements from no college to some college or work experience to a college degree.

Why are apprenticeships at companies so important? Because they offer a unique training opportunity that allows people to learn new skills while getting paid. Apprenticeships and other trainee opportunities are a great path to new full-time careers and developmental opportunities.

To celebrate National Apprenticeship Week, here are five big companies that offer apprenticeship programs:

1. Enterprise Rent-A-Car


At Enterprise Rent-A-Car, apprenticeship programs are key to the company’s success. One Enterprise Rent-A-Car trainee highlighted the helpful training they received as part of this program:

“This internship taught me a lot about various sales techniques and great customer service. The people I worked with were all very friendly and enjoyed coming into work everyday. I would highly recommend this internship to anyone interested in a sales or management career.” - Management Trainee Intern (Hyannis, MA)

Enterprise Rent-A-Car’s apprenticeships are structured so trainees jump in head first and get real work experience in areas of Management and Sales Management. Glassdoor has many reviews from interns and apprentices who have gone through Enterprise’s large management trainee program. With a promote-from-within structure, trainees have several career paths from within the company to choose from with training and support throughout the process.

2. Walmart


Walmart’s Assistant Management Training Program and Manager in Training Programs exposes trainees to multiple aspects of the business and training opportunities.

“Amazing program, amazing people. With corporate, you can wear so many hats and have several different careers all in one company.” - Buyer Trainee (Bentonville, AR)

With numerous reviews on Walmart’s Glassdoor Profile about the apprenticeships offered, it’s evident that these programs are big part of Walmart’s culture.

3. CVS Health


In 2005, CVS Health was the first company to provide aspiring pharmacy technicians with an apprenticeship program registered with the U.S. Department of Labor. Participants have a structured training program to gain high-level skills required in difficult fields. According to CVS Health, the company plans on doubling their apprenticeships available and offer trainee programs for digital and logistics fields as well.

Here are two current open trainee positions on Glassdoor:

By participating in these trainee programs, employees have the chance to learn a skill in a technical environment.

“I loved the company and my co-workers. I loved the customers along with the environment. Definitely felt as a family.”  - Pharmacy Technician Trainee (Denham Springs, LA)

4. Hertz


Hertz offers trainee programs for their employees, which many reviewers on Glassdoor say are a great start for those who have just graduated from college. Hertz partners with hundreds of universities to connect students with Hertz trainee programs close by. These programs are structured so trainees can hone in their entrepreneurial spirits and gain new skills in areas of customer relations, revenue management, marketing and sales and business development.

“Great start for first job out of college, fast mobility, customer satisfaction, ability to bonus.” - Manager Trainee

5. Sears


Sears offers an apprenticeship program for their employees, which include perks like job shadowing, self study, and online training during the four- to six-week program.

“I love being able to help customers and always be on the floor, not cooped up at a desk. I get to learn to do everything in the store so I can help wherever is needed. Right now i am in charge of the electronics department and it is much better having a specific department to which you are accountable and can focus all your time. Most of the time I love my job.” - National Retail Management Trainee (Salt Lake City, UT)

Get Involved: The U.S. Department of Labor is hosting events across the country for National Apprenticeship Week, click here to find an event near you. You can also follow the National Apprenticeship Week conversation on Twitter using #ApprenticeshipWorks.

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*All data as of 10/29/15 and determined using active job listings on Glassdoor, while taking into account job title normalization, which groups similar job titles.