5 Effective Job Posting Tips for Recruiters

5 Effective Job Posting Tips for Recruiters

Sometimes posting a job to find that perfect candidate can seem downright agonizing. You might be lacking in resumes, or drowning in too many of the wrong ones. This can be both time-consuming and expensive. However, there's hope for you yet. Your approach to posting a job can directly affect the quantity and quality of the applicants you attract. You simply need to have your basics covered.  Here are 5 job posting tips to help attract the best talent for your open positions.

Job Posting Tips

Keep The Job Title Simple and Singular

Don't use multiple variations of a job title. For example, a posting for "Sales Executive / Marketing Account Executive / Advertising Sales Consultant" will just confuse search engines and ultimately work against you. Instead, use a single, conventional title, like "Account Executive."

When it comes to abbreviations, don't abbreviate single words within a job title. Spell out "Sr." or "Mktg;"  you can always include their abbreviations later on in the posting. Even so, don't be shy to use commonly accepted job title abbreviations. For example, "Search Engine Optimization Manager" is quite a mouthful. Conversely, "SEO Manager" is a conventional job title and can be used effectively.

Include Important Keywords

It's easy to become hyper-focused on job titles and ignore the rest. However, most career sites and job boards use search logic based on ALL content within a job posting, not just the title. In turn, build important keywords into the body of your post. Using the first example above, it would make sense to include words like "sales," "advertising" and "marketing" into that job description

Make it Easy and Make it Look Good

The basic formatting of your job posting should be easy to read and absorb. Use consistent fonts, break information up into chunks and provide bullet points to simplify information. Score extra points by including your company's logo and, if possible, a recruitment video. Both can help increase response and reinforce your employment brand.

Include Essential Information

Surprisingly, many job postings fail to include fundamental details. At the very least, make sure your posting contains:

  • Job Title
  • Location
  • Description
  • Responsibilities
  • Qualifications/Requirements

As long as these points are covered, you can then add secondary elements like compensation, perks and benefits.

Show Off

Remember, it's ok to brag. Elaborate on what the company is and does, as well as major accomplishments. Has there been substantial growth? Highlight it. Any awards received? List them. Is the employer highly rated by employees on sites like Glassdoor? Mention this. And include external links to more information. Most importantly, answer the big question: "Why work here?"