5 Recruiting Challenges for 2015|5 Recruiting Challenges for 2015

5 Recruiting Challenges for 2015

Recruiting has changed — dramatically. Finding talented needles in a haystack is becoming harder and harder.

So how do you find quality talent today and stand out from the competition? What analytics should you look at to measure success? What budget needs to be allocated to employer branding, and how does that tie into recruiting?

Here are five recruiting challenges for 2015 and how to overcome them:

Challenge #1: Talent Analytics

With so much data available, which metrics should you use to measure success? Thirty-four percent say cost-per-hire is the most important analytics tool for their company, while 27% say time-to-hire per job listing and demographics of job candidates are the most important things to measure.

Cisco partnered with Glassdoor to drive awareness and applicants. By using Glassdoor analytics and insights, they were able to improve their recruitment analytics and also gained insight into competitors’ onboarding processes and salaries.

Analytics Checklist:

  • Cost-per-hire
  • Time-to-hire
  • Candidate Demographics
  • Cost-per-applicant
  • Source of Applicants
  • Candidate Engagements
  • Competitor Intelligence
  • Company Reputation & Ratings

Challenge #2: Employer Branding

Having a solid employer brand and investing in it can make all the difference to recruit and retain today’s top talent. Twenty-seven percent of recruiters do not think their company is paying attention to their employer brand. To win the war for talent, get a team in place to improve your employer brand and company reputation! Here are some ideas to get started:

  • Use internal surveys
  • Leverage online reviews
  • Refer to Best Places to Work awards
  • Monitor social media
  • Review news coverage

Challenge #3: Candidate Quality

Nearly half (48%) of U.S. hiring decision makers report they don’t see enough qualified candidates.

Using Glassdoor, Groupon found:

  • 2X quality new hires
  • 11X job seeker traffic
  • $13 cost-per-applicant

Analyze where your competitors are advertising job openings. Invest in tracking. Ensure job descriptions relate how roles tie into the company mission and how teams and individuals will be measured!

Challenge #4: Passive Candidate Recruiting 

Fifty-one percent believe candidates have grown wary of emails from networking sites and respond at a much lower rate. Think outside the box! This may include evaluating new recruiting platforms and making serious budget adjustments. 

Challenge #5: Mobile Recruiting

Do you have mobile on your roadmap? Nearly 45% of hiring decision makers report they receive zero job applicants via mobile devices, yet statistics show that 16% of job candidates apply through mobile devices.

  • Analyze your site traffic
  • Avoid “pinch and pop”
  • Look at your competition’s mobile activity


Delivering measurable results

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