5 Recruiting Strategies Most People Don’t Know

Recruiting top level talent can be challenging for employers. The days of just posting open positions on a company’s career site and having that generate top level quality candidates – frankly, are over. And Job Boards that came on the scene decades ago just aren’t driving top talent to open positions any longer.  

So, what’s a company to do in order to bring in top talent? Below are some out-of-the-box and some not so out-of-the-box strategies that don’t get enough attention.

Dual Branding & Recruiting Platforms

This may seem like a no brainer to the very savvy employer, but to others – this doesn’t come as the first place to start when recruiting talent. Not only is it necessary to utilize online recruitment platforms like Glassdoor’s social recruiting tool, but combining that with an Employer Profile page that will help reinforce your brand is necessary. Job seeker behavior indicates that individuals not only look at job descriptions thoroughly, but also focus on a company’s culture before making an important job decision.

Personal Networks

Leveraging social and personal networks is key. Did you know that almost all of our Glassdoor job seekers sign on using their Facebook credentials? Think of all of the Inside Connections you have just from your social platforms. The saying “it’s who you know” can ring especially true in tactical recruiting – and leveraging social and personal networks can help connect friends of friends that have skill sets you’re looking for.

Internal Employees

When thinking of other recruiting strategies, one area that many fail to utilize is their current employee talent base. Always communicating to current employees the need to generate top level talent, and relying on them – as valued members of the organization – to use their social and personal networks to generate additional talent.

Hiring Events

Company held recruitment events can do two different things for aiding with generating quality hires. First, it can force future potential hires to casually mingle without feeling the pressure of a proper interview. Secondly, it helps communicate culture and brand to candidates that otherwise, may have not known what your company is really like from the inside – while simultaneously (fingers crossed!) helping fill that recruitment funnel.


Depending on the type of talent you are looking to recruit, getting the word out at local universities and colleges near you can be a great communication platform. More than anything, companies can often find themselves eager future graduates that want to get their feet wet in an established organization. And, with Glassdoor’s Career Center, universities and colleges partner with us to help millennials find the right companies for them – for free! so coming full circle and going direct to these campuses will only help your cause.

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