7 Amazing Employer Brand Videos on Glassdoor

7 Amazing Employer Brand Videos on Glassdoor

In today's candidate-driven market, a positive, well-defined employer brand is essential to attracting and retaining top talent. With an enhanced employer profile, you have numerous opportunities to showcase your organization's unique brand and culture.

Including online videos in your profile is a simple way to communicate your employer brand to both candidates and current employees.

Here are the 7 amazing employer brand videos on Glassdoor now!

1) Medallia

Medallia's short movie, "Reply All," tells the story of what happens after Medallia VP of Culture accidentally sends an email about a new recruiting video to the entire company. Every team gets involved to make one hilarious recruiting video. Through this video, Medallia creatively appeals to candidates by showcasing its fun and spirited culture.

2) American Express

American Express includes a great cover video as well as videos in its Why Work For Us section. The theme is "Imagine What You Could Do," and it shows that American Express is more than just a financial services company. The animated videos highlight different roles at American Express that most people would not immediately associate with the company such as Travel and Lifestyle Services and Social Media.

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3) Homeaway

Homeaway, an online marketplace for vacation rentals, takes a clever approach to the employer branding video by featuring the stories of employees who left Homeaway and later returned to the company. By showcasing what Homeaway calls, "Boomerang Employees,"  the video shows that the company values and empowers its employees.  

4) Ascend Public Charter Schools

Teaching at Ascend from Ascend Public Charter Schools on Vimeo.

Ascend Public Charter Schools, a network of K-12 public charter schools, includes videos under every tab of its Why Work For Us section. Ascend's overarching mission is to place students on the path to success in college and beyond. Through including the classroom environment as well as parent, student, and teacher testimonials in its videos, Ascend effectively conveys its mission and values.

5) Dropbox

In Dropbox's cover video, puppets of Dropbox employees explain what they love about the company. The creative approach showcases Dropbox's growth opportunities, commitment to employees, work environment, and different teams, all while maintaining a fun, lighthearted tone.

6) Pinterest

Pinterest takes viewers behind the scenes of what drives the company, in its cover video. The enlightening video testimonials from employees, including its co-founders, provide candidates with a glimpse into the company's culture as well as help set expectations about career growth. In just under three minutes, Pinterest highlights its product, working environment, mission, core values, and employees!

7) Johnson & Johnson

Johnson & Johnson is a health care giant that operates in three business segments through more than 250 operating companies. So, how does a multinational manufacturer encompass its employer brand in its videos? Johnson & Johnson is a great example that your video doesn't need to be long to convey your organization's mission and values. In its videos, the company showcases its employer brand by highlighting its credo, "be vital." Through its credo values, Johnson & Johnson defines the larger role its employees play in enhancing people's lives.

A compelling video that showcases your people, offices, culture, and mission, can take your organization far, if you put in the time and effort into creating one. Learn more about enhancing your brand through video in our post on why employer branding videos work.

Methodology: Companies featured represent a selection, in no particular order, of companies with videos featured on their Glassdoor Employer Profiles.