7 Employer Branding Questions to Ask Yourself


Building your employer brand? There’s much to consider and remember. Make sure you cover all the bases by asking yourself these five questions.

Who Are My Targets? 

Develop a cohesive description of the potential candidates you’re trying to reach. Start with your current employees, as they are easy to reach and know your culture. Determine which groups are most important; for instance, if you have trouble hiring for certain positions, segment your research by function to understand the demographics and needs of key talent pools.

In addition to talking with current employees, talk to people outside the company to help you develop a clear picture of your targeted audience. Consider talking to college students, interns, former employees and candidates who declined offers from your firm.

What is Our Focus?

It’s important to focus your employer brand on a few key culture points. Do you want to be known as a hero for work-life balance? Want to wow potential candidates with your community service? Or do you want to be the “fun” place to work, with free beer, frequent parties and impromptu celebrations?

If you’re not sure what your focus should be, talk to current employees and your target audience to find out what they value. Rather than trying to attract candidates to your workplace, create the kind of workplace that provides what your ideal employees want.

Who is in Control of the Employer Brand?

Your organization likely already has an employer brand—or reputation as an employer—but if you’re not managing it, you may not be in control of it. Determine who is in control of your brand by paying attention to what employees, former employees and job seekers are saying about your company as a place to work.

Utilize social media to keep up with what they’re saying. Search reviews on Glassdoor and monitor Twitter feeds and Facebook posts that mention working at your company. You may also want to survey your employees on a regular basis to find out what they think about the company and what changes they would like to see. If the messages circulating about your company as an employer are not the messages you want to send, you are not controlling the brand.

How will I assert Control of the Brand?

Develop a plan for taking — or maintaining — control of your employer brand. That plan may include recruiting employees to serve as brand ambassadors, starting a blog on your careers page, and creating a social media presence that includes posting videos and photos that help tell the story of your workplace. Involve senior leaders in your plan, and develop a detailed schedule of activities to ensure that you don’t allow these activities to taper off.

What Messages do I Want to Send?

To truly implement an effective employer branding strategy, you must be sending consistent, clear messages. That requires planning. Determine what qualities you would most like to be associated with as an employer and what attributes differentiate your organization from others. Then use these qualities and attributes to help you craft the messages you want to send — and make sure the culture you’re promoting actually does exist at your workplace.

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