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April Fool’s Day at the Office

7 Perfect April Fool's Day Office Pranks

Work wins are usually measured in the ability to foster collaboration, beat goals, close deals, exceed standards, crush numbers, gain allies, and command respect. But once a year – usually on April 1st – work wins are measured in the ability to foster secrecy, serve up surprise, invoke laughter,  and maybe even inspire some sweet revenge. This year, April 1st is a Saturday, so we say: celebrate on Friday, March 31st. Unsuspecting colleagues will be that much more likely to be surprised, so set your calendar reminder now!

Whether your team is coming together to engineer a large-scale gag or pull off a simple trick or two, that exercise in camaraderie will serve to boost morale, build teamwork, and provide some much-needed comedic relief.

There are tons of ideas for workplace April Fool’s pranks all over the internet, but we’ve gathered a curated list – if you will – for connoisseurs. These 7 fresh tricks hit the sweet spot between creative and easy-to-pull off. After all, the stapler-in-Jello routine is so last year – and it’s far too much work to encase an entire workstation in plastic, foil or wrapping paper.

1.) Laugh-till-you-cry over spilled milk...

Credit: Instructables

Spilled Milk Office Prank

2.) Hey, everyone! Donuts in the kitchen – dig in!

Credit: athriftymom.com

Donuts Office Prank

3.) Work fridge is watching you! Hands off my almond milk...

Credit: Reddit

Fridge Office Prank

4.) Sit down like you mean it! The next manifestation of “leaning in”?

Credit: Reddit

Office Chair Prank

5.) Who wouldn’t want to attend THIS meeting?!

Credit: Imgur

Balloon Office Prank

6.) Finally a winning reason for hoarding supply-room Post-its!

Credit: Reddit

Car Office Prank

7.) So awkward when you really have to go...

Credit: Buzzfeed

Restroom Office Prank

Restroom Office Prank

Did we miss any favorites? Please weigh in on your best office April Fool’s day antics!