7 Ways to Advertise Your Company’s Jobs Where Today’s Top Candidates Search: Glassdoor

When you’re using a search engine like Google, how often do you go beyond page 1 of the search results?

Right now, your company’s jobs are on Glassdoor – they’re just hard to find. That’s because other companies’ sponsored jobs appear higher in the search results, giving them an advantage reaching the 45M (1) job seekers visiting each month.

Glassdoor data shows that sponsored jobs receive up to 13X more clicks than non-sponsored jobs. (2)

Tap into a talent pool of tens of millions of job seekers every month. Attract and recruit high quality candidates across industries – from tech and finance to retail and manufacturing. We offer job advertising solutions to meet your budget and hiring needs. Choose from single job postings and our popular value packs. We even have job slots that you can reuse every time you have a position to fill.

1. Target High Quality Hires

Glassdoor delivers twice the applicant quality at a fraction of the cost.(3) This means it generally takes half the resumes to get a hire through Glassdoor than other sites.

2. Leverage Best-In-Class Job Search

Our new job search experience makes it is easier than ever for job seekers to discover your open positions. Watch Video

3. Lean on Customer Success

Our support teams are here to ensure your success. That’s why we are rated A- by the Better Business Bureau.

4. Get in Sync

Easily browse applicant’s resumes. Get email notifications or sync with your ATS (Applicant Tracking System) of choice.

5. Use Precision Targeting

Target job seekers by location, industry, and role and find the right candidates for your company.

6. Boost Job Posts with Premium Placement

Get your jobs featured in Glassdoor search results and included in our popular job alerts emails.

7. Benchmark Results with Advanced Analytics

Get real-time data on how your job advertisements are performing.

Glassdoor offers custom packages to fit your needs – from single job ads all the way to enterprise packages and everything in-between. Our team of experts provides the guidance you need to find the best candidates – that’s why we are rated A- by the Better Business Bureau! Learn more.

(1) Google Analytics, Q217 average as of 6/9/17
(2) Glassdoor Internal Data, April 2017
(3) As measured by application-to-hire ratio compared to other job sites based on a study of 2015 hiring data for 30 million applications