7 Ways to Advertise Your Company’s Jobs Where Today's Top Candidates Search: Glassdoor
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How to Advertise Your Open Jobs on Glassdoor

Targeting an active, informed audience is integral to recruiting, hiring and retaining the right-fit candidate. And, in an employees' market, where candidates fastidiously research their next work home, the fit must be mutual.

Having the discussion around fit, however, only begins if and when the two parties intersect. Glassdoor, the #2 job site in the U.S (1), with 64M+ unique users (2) is the optimal engine to fuel these introductions.

This is why Glassdoor's sponsored ads, which receive up to 13x more clicks than non-sponsored ads, are integral to revving up your job visibility engine versus getting mired in a sea of anonymity. In addition to clicks, sponsored ads get up to 11x (or, 9x) more apply starts than non-sponsored jobs (3).

We offer job advertising solutions to meet your budget and hiring needs. Choose from single job postings and our popular value packs. We even have job slots that you can reuse every time you have a position to fill.

To maximize advertising efforts for your company's open jobs on Glassdoor, consider the following strategies:

1. Target Your Ideal, Quality Hire

Glassdoor delivers twice the applicant quality at a fraction of the cost. (4) This means it generally takes half the resumes to get a hire through Glassdoor than other sites. By precisely targeting talent through our matching algorithm, you can reach candidates on and off-site by occupation, location (country, city, state), diversity and inclusion, and on competitor pages.

2. Rank Higher

Your jobs show up higher in search results across our millions of job listings.

3. Influence Your Candidates with Your Story

Connect with candidates through your branded employer story. Submit your own creative or we'll design one for you, including dynamic content and video that highlight your culture, value and benefits. Let them know the 'why' behind working for your company. Link to your social media channels and share recent company news.

4. Promote Your Brand Alongside Key Positions

Promote your company's branded photo, company logo and most relevant positions to your targeted audience. Glassdoor job seekers who saw one company's brand 10+ times were 5x more likely to apply than those who saw it once. (6)

5. Showcase Your Value in Prime Time

Take advantage of premium digital real estate-Glassdoor's Home Page--to drive maximum traffic to your brand. Showcase open roles buttressed with your unique culture, featured review and company rating. Target using country, state and metro area.

Drive traffic to your high-priority, open roles with Glassdoor's custom banner ad. In addition, we will include your logo and branded cover photo.

6. Promote Your Jobs, Everywhere

Influence job seekers as they research your competitors by promoting your jobs on their profiles. Market your roles on web, mobile and email. Appear in targeted email alerts.

7. Measure and Prove the Impact of Your Efforts

Leverage analytics to monitor interest-generating jobs and those that might need a little shoring up.

Moreover, by marketing your open jobs on Glassdoor, you will fill jobs quickly with people who stay longer. Glassdoor candidates are 2x more likely to be hired, according to data analysis of 12M applications from a leading ATS provider (7). These same candidates also have 30% higher retention rates (8). Estimated savings, therefore, for a $50K salary over the course of four years is $182K. (9)

In July 2020, Glassdoor launched a partnership with Indeed, which means employers can now tell their brand story across two industry-leading platforms to help you more effectively find, hire and retain the right talent.

Sponsoring a job on Indeed will now get your job posted on Glassdoor too, and, as of September 2020, companies will no longer have the ability to resubscribe to Glassdoor Job Slots subscriptions. We're thrilled to be officially rolling out this partnership between Glassdoor and Indeed, which will bring you the best of both worlds - world-class employer branding and insights along with unrivaled candidate reach.  For more details, please visit our FAQs on our Employer Help Center.

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