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72% of Women Refuse to Work at Companies With...

Employers, we have a wake-up call for you. According to a new Glassdoor survey conducted by The Harris Poll, male and female employees are critical of companies that continue to have a gender pay gap.

In fact, 58% of all employees and 72% of women said they would not apply to work at a company where a pay gap exists. 

While most employees agree that men and women should be compensated equally for similar work and experience, fewer women than men believe there is actually equal pay for equal work today.  The study showed that two thirds of employees (67%) agree that the gender pay gap is a serious problem. However, women (78%) are significantly more likely than men (59%) to say this.

Furthermore, 75% of employees believe men and women at their company are paid equally for equal work. However, a greater percentage of men (80%) than women (68%) believe there is equal pay
for equal work.

This represents a stark difference not only in the thoughts and feelings of men and women in the workplace, but shows you, the employers and recruiters, how important salary, compensation and total rewards are to women. One of the most significant factors contributing to the pay gap is the industry and jobs that men and women sort themselves into, also known as “occupational sorting”, which explains about 56.5 percent of the overall U.S. pay gap. Nevertheless, gender pay gaps exist in nearly every industry with Media, Retail and Construction having the largest pay gaps.

In our survey, when asked who is responsible for closing the gender pay gap, half of employees (50%) say
senior leadership—more than Human Resources (38%), politicians (30%), employees (28%) or
their manager (28%). Employees and job seekers feel it is imperative that companies take bigger steps and strides towards pay equity.

No longer is it enough to pledge to pay fairly, but employees are looking for real results and they are looking at your Glassdoor salary information, your salary estimates, your company updates and your overall employer brand to determine whether you're the right company for them.

Get ahead of the social shift and make salary transparency a priority!