Recruiting on Instagram: 8 Handles to Follow

Social media is a powerful tool that can help you recruit top talent, showcase your company culture and brand your organization. Instagram has undeniably claimed a spot at the top of the ladder among various social channels for recruitment.

So how can you successfully leverage Instagram to recruit the best candidates? Here are eight of our favorite recruiting Instagram handles to check out for some social recruiting inspiration.

1. @SalesforceJobs

In addition to their primary Instagram account, Salesforce has created a specific account to give prospective employees an insight into what it is like to work for their company.  @SalesforceJobs posts images of company theme days such as “Aloha Fridays”, the “Puppyforce” team, various award recognitions celebrating company wins, and their participation in community events such as Pride month.

Investing in your employer brand and company culture increases candidate quality by 2X, and @SalesforceJobs effectively uses Instagram to reinforce their core values, an essential ingredient to finding the right talent. Make sure these core values are highlighted in descriptions of your company on your career site, as well as on your Glassdoor profile!


2. @UnderCoverRecruiter

Undercover Recruiter is the brainchild of Link Humans, a social media and content agency. Undercover Recruiter is a recruitment and career blog, and the Instagram account is used to promote recent posts. Each Instagram upload combines article title with the associated article image to remind Undercover Recruiter’s readers in a straightforward way to visit their blog. Even better, it takes about five minutes to repurpose a blog post for your Instagram. Image, Title, Link – Check!


3. @MarketoInc

Take a look at Marketo’s Instagram and the first thing you will notice is the cohesive purple color scheme, mirroring the company’s signature color. This is a super straightforward tool to utilize to stay true to your employer brand, especially if you are running into trouble on content to post!

As Marketo’s Instagram demonstrates, having a social media presence doesn’t need to be hard.  Check out these Social Media Secrets for Recruiters for some other techniques to simplify your social recruiting strategy.


4. @HubSpot

HubSpot utilizes videos to give an even closer look into life at the marketing and sales platform. Through various short clips, they highlight what their company is all about, as well as differentiate themselves from competitors. Additionally, HubSpot nails recruiting via Instagram, and capitalizes on their posts, by working job availability into their captions when they post.

Want to save money and time on recruiting? Show off your company culture on social platforms, and make sure to keep your profiles up to date with fun images and tidbits that attract job seekers and make you stand out.


5. @MarriottCareers

Marriott Careers is another standout demonstration of an exemplary Instagram account. Marriot Careers does an incredible job of featuring, and honoring, their employees around the world. Oftentimes, they even showcase the great things that their employees talk about – all of the reasons they love working for Marriott – in their Instagram images.

A key-takeaway from Marriot Careers: your future-proof brand requires investing in your employees and listening to their feedback! Respond to reviews on Glassdoor and utilize this information to make your employees happy, productive, and essentially, brand ambassadors for your company.


6. @LevoLeague

Levo League aspires to be “your career copilot”, and is all about providing individuals with the tools to reach their career goals. Levo League’s Instagram directly reflects their mission to “develop your talent, build connections with peers, mentors, and jobs, and stay inspired day in and day out as you grow and develop”.

With a collection of inspirational quotes, company updates, thought-provoking questions, and aesthetically pleasing images, Levo League effectively conveys its personality and values through its Instagram activity. Remember, social media is an excellent asset when updating your profile on Glassdoor, as well as a tool to reinforce your identity as a company. Bravo, Levo League!


7. @HRCloud

HR Cloud combines photography, infographics, and videos to create a well-balanced Instagram account for recruiting. The company utilizes marketing designs with illustrations to advertise job openings, as well as to publicize HR Cloud’s participation within the professional landscape. HR Cloud uses their Instagram to encourage visits to their booths at tradeshows, fostering even more awareness of their brand presence prior to the events they are planning on attending.


Tip: Don’t forget that social channels like Instagram offer an alternative medium to promote your brand, your company culture, your job openings, and even your Glassdoor profile!

If you want to learn more, check out our newly released, Recruitment Marketing for Dummies for some additional tips on how to market your open jobs on social media!

8. @InsideGlassdoor

And last but certainly not least, check out our very own recruiting Instagram handle to see what life is like inside Glassdoor. We highlight our unique perks, company milestones and our incredible employees. We think this sums it up pretty well…