Account Executive Job Description Template
Account Executive Job Description

Account Executive Job Description

Writing job descriptions that stand out from the crowd can be challenging. There are 167,561 Account Executive positions open across the U.S. If you want to attract the right candidates, it’s critical to get your job description exactly right.

Getting the skills-required piece is just the first step. How do you present those requirements in a way that does justice to the nuances of the job? And how do you frame the key competencies so that they are fundamentally aligned with the mission of your company?

Here at Glassdoor, we spend a lot of time analyzing what constitutes a great job description – and we have the full complement of best practices to show for it.

So we’ve crafted a near- perfect Account Executive Job Description Template to give you a big head start. 

Account Executive Job Description Template


We are looking for a dynamic, high-performing Account Rep with experience selling technology and/or other services over the phone, by email, and via web-based presentations. You will be responsible for managing a client book and proactively reaching out to ensure client satisfaction/retention while continuously hunting and closing new business. The ideal candidate has a history of bringing on new business and hitting sales quotas, and loves the challenges that come with outbound prospecting in a competitive market.

Key Responsibilities of Account Executives:

  • Research, identify and generate new opportunities over the phone and web
  • Qualify, build and manage your contacts through the sales funnel
  • Exceed a quarterly and annual sales quota
  • Close new business and grow existing accounts
  • Maintain a high daily volume of activity including outbound calls, emails and social selling
  • Skillfully deliver web-based presentations using inside sales best practices

Account Executive Qualifications and Requirements:

  • Inside sales or relevant experience selling over the phone/web
  • A track record of achievement in selling digital media or SaaS
  • Previously trained in value-based selling
  • Tech savvy and familiar with the industry
  • Experience using

We’re looking for someone with 2+ years of experience in sales, has a 4-year degree from a college or university or similar, and is familiar with the following software/tools:

  • Salesforce
  • Powerpoint and Microsoft Office suite
  • { Insert any other tools/software that your Account Executive must have experience using here }

With all the time you save writing job descriptions, you can move on to the next key piece: honing your interview process with resources from Glassdoor – from How to Conduct a Behavioral Interview, The 5 Things Successful Companies Do in Interviews and how to conduct better interviews with checklists and interview templates. You can also take some time to leverage feedback from Interview Ratings on your Glassdoor profile to improve candidate experience every step of the way.