Adding Authenticity to Your Career Site|Adding Authenticity to Your Career Site

Adding Authenticity to Your Career Site

Creating consistency across all of your organization’s career platforms is no easy task. But it can greatly enhance and amplify the employer brand you’ve worked so hard to establish and nurture.

When a job candidate sees your mission statement and then encounters a company rating or review that backs it up—Click!—you build serious trust between employer and job seeker. No wonder when 78% of job seekers say that ratings and reviews from those on the inside are influential when deciding where to work.

Today, thousands of employers showcase the Glassdoor icon or button on their career site, right alongside all other their social networks. This is a great way to show job seekers that you confidently stand by what your employees say about you.

But what works even better is to pull relevant content (reviews, ratings and testimonials) right onto your career site. Here are four important benefits:

  1. Job seekers can learn about your company’s Glassdoor content without ever leaving your career site.
  2. You maintain control over which content displays—with an assist from Glassdoor content widgets.
  3. You feature authentic content. Anyone can boast, “We’re an awesome place to work!” A better impact is embedding real-world Glassdoor content, provided by current and former employees.
  4. As with the social badge icon, widgets help you qualify for OpenCompany status, which recognizes your company's commitment to transparency. If you would like assistance integrating a Glassdoor widget or social badge onto your career site, tell your client success manager or contact us.

Speaking of Glassdoor widgets, here are a few of our favorites, available on our website:

  1. Single-review testimonial, which you can create from any review of your company—ideal for placement on your career site.
  2. Overall company rating.
  3. Current featured review.
  4. Glassdoor icon with multiple reviews and testimonials overview.

Meanwhile, here are a few companies that have made its career site more authentic by highlighting Glassdoor reviews and ratings:

  1. SirsiDynix, a support center that houses 23,000 library systems in over 70 countries worldwide and a Glassdoor 2014 Best Places to Work, highlights its 4.2 stat rating, 98% CEO approval, and a review from a Shrumaster in Lehi, UT. (Option #2)
  2. Infinite Direct, which outsources top talent for companies, highlights its 2015 Best Places to Work award, 4.1 rating, 99% CEO approval and Account Executive testimonial, alongside widgets to Twitter and Google+. (Option #2)
  3. Nuance, the market leader in Natural Language Processing & Understanding, features the Glassdoor icon on its career site alongside its social icons, plus its reviews and ratings and what employees have to say about working there. (Option #3)
  4. AstraZeneca, a pharmaceutical company, highlights a 5-star Glassdoor review on its Working Here tab. (Option #2)
  5. Informatica, a data company in the San Francisco Bay Area, features its ratings and reviews front and center on its career site. (Option #2)