Advice from Intacct, A Glassdoor Best Place to Work|Advice from Intacct, A Glassdoor Best Place to Work

Advice from Intacct, A Glassdoor Best Place to Work

Here at Intacct, we are honored to be named a Best Place to Work by Glassdoor. Today, I’m excited to share my top tips for how to become a best place to work. It all begins with your workforce.

Focus on people

There are many factors that play into Intacct receiving this type of recognition, but the number one reason is our people. We have built a culture where employees are enabled to flourish and everyone is committed and dedicated to building a company of distinction. Intacct is a customer centric organization where employees help their colleagues succeed every day. We have been able to foster a highly engaged workforce by hiring the right talent that is committed to the success of our customers, partners and other coworkers.

It starts with the candidate experience

A highly engaged organization starts with recruiting. During our hiring process, we ensure that every candidate has a great experience regardless of their candidacy. In our personal lives as consumers, the feedback of others is more than ever having an impact on the decisions that we make. If someone else has a positive experience, we are more likely to explore it. This is also true when it comes to job seeking. We try to create an experience where every candidate wants to be a part of our organization throughout the entirety of the process.

Be transparent

Details are crucial in a successful, positive recruiting process. We make it a priority to review applications regularly, provide timely candidate feedback, prepare interviewing team members to ensure that the candidate has a great experience, send detailed email directions for interviews, etc. One of the most important things that we do is always inform a potential employee of their candidacy. If they are not going to be considered after their interviews, we always send a note to let them know. This simple email notification is one thing that many organizations neglect to do which leaves prospects not knowing the status of their potential employment. This easy step can make all the difference in the job seeker’s experience.

Ask employees for feedback

For companies that are looking to become a choice employer, you must evaluate your organization and identify your areas of opportunities for improvement and take appropriate actions. Intacct regularly surveys employees and reads our feedback on Glassdoor. It’s a great way to get anonymous employee feedback in different areas, including job satisfaction, leadership direction, compensation and benefits, culture, and work-life balance. Once you understand the areas of improvement, you can begin to make changes to improve your organization.

This recognition by Glassdoor only strengthens our employment brand as we continue to grow. Intacct is committed to continuing to build a company of distinction and we are honored to be recognized for our success in this area.