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Here's What the Perfect Glassdoor Profile Looks Like

If you're reading the Glassdoor for Employers blog, odds are you already know how important Glassdoor is for talent acquisition and employee engagement. After all, 83 percent of job seekers are likely to research company reviews and ratings when deciding where to apply for a job (1), and over 67 million unique users visit Glassdoor’s mobile applications and website monthly (2). Suffice it to say, if you haven't invested in your Glassdoor profile, you're missing out on a serious recruiting and employee engagement opportunity. But how exactly can you create a Glassdoor profile that job seekers won't be able to resist?

To answer this question, we created a handy infographic that breaks down the different features available on Glassdoor profiles and how you can make the most of them. Whether you're building out your company profile for the first time or just looking for some tips on how to take it to the next level, this infographic can guide the way for you. Read on below!

1. Up-to-date company logo: Own your brand with the most recent version of your company’s logo prominently featured to lend an air of authenticity and ensure that visitors know they’ve come to the right place.

2. Engaging, dynamic cover image*: Add a high-quality image that showcases your company culture — bonus points if it links to a video!

3. Full repository of photos: Help job seekers picture themselves working at your company by uploading photos of your employees, company events and offices.

4. OpenCompany status displayed: Show candidates that you stand for transparency by completing Glassdoor’s OpenCompany program and adding the badge to your profile.

5. Basic company information complete: Share details on your company size, headquarters, industry, mission and more to provide candidates with the information they need to determine fit.

6. Open company positions promoted*: Eliminate competitor job ads by advertising your company’s most critical open roles right on your profile. 

7. Affiliated companies included*: List any affiliated companies to showcase your corporate family and help job seekers more easily discover opportunities across your profiles.

8. Nested profiles activated*: Segment your reviews, jobs and branded content by job function/division so job seekers visiting your profile gain a deeper understanding of what it’s like to work in a specific area of your business. 

9. Steady cadence of company updates: Get candidates excited to work for your company by sharing the latest on company milestones, news stories, product releases, community service, etc. 

10. Employer value proposition explained*: Don’t make candidates fill in the blanks for themselves — tell them why your company is a great place to work.

11. Social channels highlighted*: Invite job seekers to learn more about your company by linking to your official social media handles and embedding a preview of your social feeds.

12. Review featured*: Received a review that perfectly encapsulates what it’s like to work or interview at your company? Select it as a featured review to ensure that it’s the first one job seekers see when researching your company. 

13. Responsive: Let candidates and employees know that your company values feedback and is always looking for ways to improve by regularly responding to reviews. 

14. Awards & accolades emphasized*: Third-party recognition is a powerful way to show job seekers that your company walks the walk when it comes to employee experience.  

15. Audience targeting activated*: Employer branding isn’t one size fits all — that’s why Glassdoor allows you to create a personalized view of your Enhanced Profile for up to four different audiences based on their occupation, such as engineering, sales, HR and marketing.

*Available on Enhanced Profiles only.

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