Announcing Glassdoor Chicago's New Offices

We’re thrilled to announce the opening of our new Chicago office at 1330 West Fulton – a brand-new, modern and eco-conscious space located in the Fulton Market neighborhood.

Architected in collaboration with Skender Construction and design firm Valerio Dewalt Train Associates, the 52,000-square-foot, LEED-certified building incorporates Chicago themes throughout its design, including sweeping views of the city’s skyline.

Celebrating our community

Occupying the top two floors, the Glassdoor team in Chicago enjoy fantastic views of downtown throughout their workday, as well as an interior design that celebrates the region’s culture and history.

“The Glassdoor office is Chicago,” said Joseph Valerio, principal at Valerio Dewalt Train Associates. “We integrated activity nodes that shape and curve space in a way that reflects both new initiatives and a continued commitment to employee experience.”

Local flair is found within every element of Glassdoor’s new office, from conference rooms named after Chicago neighborhoods and landmarks to murals painted by employees. The effect is a strong sense of place and belonging.

“We selected Chicago because of its midwest location, its vibrant community, and incredible talent pool and we have been pleased with our decision,” said Robert Hohman, Glassdoor CEO and co-founder.

Greening our workspace

The new office embraces its local environment in more ways than one, seamlessly incorporating the natural world around it – including two outdoor patios on the sixth floor, as well as an outdoor courtyard on the ground level.

The space brings in the outside world as much as possible and was “designed to give open office areas [the] maximum benefit of natural light,” says Rick Friedman, Senior Director of Global Real Estate + Facilities at Glassdoor.

Environmental sensitivity was also a foundation for the new building, having undergone the rigorous process to become LEED certified. This means every opportunity to reduce environmental impact and save energy, water, and other resources was taken.

“Part of working at a company you love is, for many people, being at a company that is environmentally sensitive and aware. [The new office] takes advantage of opportunities to reduce environmental impact,” Friedman said.

Providing top-of-the-line tech

In addition to Glassdoor Chicago’s environmental innovation, the new office also provides a range of high-tech features to help make the workday a seamless experience.

These technological amenities include:

  • Best-in-class video conferencing
  • iPad room scheduling
  • Acoustically-optimized phone booths
  • Ergonomic workstations
  • Smart elevators featuring buttonless transport

IT vending machines where a simple badge swipe grants access to peripherals like dongles and chargers

Other workplace perks include close proximity to public transportation and parking, as well as a shuttle service to nearby train stops. As for lunch? Chicago Glassdoorians have access to a diverse rotation of options, including local food vendors brought onsite and easy access to nearby restaurants.

An innovative space to foster collaboration and growth

Between conference rooms, open seating areas and communal gathering spaces, Glassdoor Chicago is the perfect place for employees to come together and make great things happen.

“It’s been incredible to witness Glassdoor Chicago’s expansion,” Hohman said. “In less than two years, this office has grown into one of Glassdoor’s largest employee centers with a dynamic and talented group of people dedicated to helping companies recruit and hire.”

Here at Glassdoor, we wrote the eBook Culture Codes of Best Places to Work, which touches on the importance of paying attention to perks and providing a great physical workspace and location. We’re dedicated to practicing what we preach. And that’s why we’re constantly looking to improve our own company’s perks, workspace and locations. Download the eBook now for insight into why it’s so important to constantly evolve your company – and how to get started.