Is Your ATS Provider A Preferred Glassdoor Partner?

Is Your ATS Provider A Preferred Glassdoor Partner?

At Glassdoor, we’re always looking for ways to help employers streamline hiring and get the most out of their investment with us. Our employer customers often ask us which Applicant Tracking Systems (ATSs) work best with Glassdoor and now, we’re making that question easier to answer.

Today we’re introducing the Preferred Applicant Tracking System (ATS) Partner Program, which highlights ATSs that will integrate seamlessly with Glassdoor . As you evaluate the right systems for your business, consider the importance of your ATS working closely with Glassdoor in the following areas.

Data you can’t get anywhere else

Unlike any other jobs site, employers will be able to connect data sets between their ATS and Glassdoor which will provide new transparency around cost per application, cost per interview and cost per hire in the Glassdoor platform. According to recent research, more than half of Glassdoor customer’s applicants use Glassdoor(1).

Clean feed of your jobs 

Glassdoor is where people come to find jobs. In order to make sure we always have your latest and greatest job listings, we prefer to receive a direct feed of your jobs straight from your ATS so that we can provide guaranteed exposure to your job listings at all times. When your ATS provider partners with us, your jobs will be trafficked in the most reliable way.

Easy application experience for candidates

In addition, this partnership will also integrate the Glassdoor and ATS experience so that candidates who visit your company profile on Glassdoor, research the company and decide to apply, don’t have to leave the Glassdoor platform in order to do so. By making sure your ATS provider is a Preferred Partner, you’ll remove barriers job seekers face during the application process and increase the number of applicants you receive from Glassdoor. We recently found that when employers allow candidates to apply from within the Glassdoor platform, they see their application complete rate increase by 34% across all platforms, and more than double on mobile devices (2).

Glassdoor is offering two levels within the ATS partner program: gold and silver. The data exchange comes with the Gold-level integration and will bring the highest level of transparency to your recruitment process so that you have as much information as possible about your candidates’ journeys and the efficiency of your recruiting spend. With this new program, Glassdoor is leading the way alongside these forward-thinking ATSs to usher in a new era of data integration and transparency between jobs websites and ATS platforms.

Selecting the right ATS provider takes a lot of time and research. Make sure yours is closely  integrated with Glassdoor so that you are maximizing your ROI across both platforms. Find out if your ATS provider is part of the Glassdoor Preferred ATS Partner Program here. If not, we encourage you to reach out to your ATS and encourage them to learn how to integrate with us.

To learn more about the Glassdoor Preferred ATS Partner Program, check out our press release.


  1. Glassdoor internal data Feb-June 2016. Based on analysis of 10.6M applications across all online sources to clients that tracked Glassdoor usage within 60 days of applying
  2. Glassdoor internal data July - September 2016. Based on an analysis of 3.3m applications across ~600 employers.