Author:  Barbara Kiviat

Journalist and PhD student at Harvard University

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Does Social Recruiting Really Work?

By Barbara Kiviat on May 29, 2014

While most companies now recruit job candidates through social networking sites, screening applicants with such sites hasn’t caught on nearly as much, according to a recent SHRM study—and maybe that’s a good thing. Three new studies from social science researchers …Read More


How to Hire for Diversity

By Barbara Kiviat on February 20, 2014

Plenty of organizations try to hire a diverse workforce. There are many reasons to do so—to comply with laws, to reflect a firm’s clients and customers or to act fairly and provide equal opportunity. But what exactly does diversity get …Read More


Are Employee Referral Programs Worth It?

By Barbara Kiviat on October 24, 2013

Organizations looking to hire often turn to employee referrals as a way to drum up job candidates. According to the National Organizations Survey, more than a third of workplaces frequently do so. But what exactly are employers getting when they …Read More

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