Author:  Danielle Durante

Marketing Coordinator, Programs at Glassdoor


Newsflash: Your Employees Are Telling Stories

By Danielle Durante on September 29, 2015

Too often, in pursuit of top quality candidates, employers rely solely on limp mission statements, static career pages and one-way social media promotion, neglecting one of the most basic and primal communications vehicles at their disposal: storytelling. Specifically, employee storytelling. …Read More


What Do College Grads Think of Your Interview Process?

By Danielle Durante on October 14, 2014

I’m now three weeks into the fall quarter, and I continue to hear about my peers’ summer internship experiences. Hearing both the positive and the negative, I’ve become fascinated by the interview processes different organizations have. What I learned isn’t …Read More


What Job Categories Are Millennials Searching For?

By Danielle Durante on September 25, 2014

New college grads leave school with an abundance of career opportunities. Today, an undergraduate degree opens the door for virtually any career path from software development, engineering, PR and marketing to retail and food services. Because Millennials are the fastest growing segment of …Read More


The Truth Behind College Fairs: Are They Worth It?

By Danielle Durante on September 5, 2014

Ninety percent of colleges and universities host career fairs year-round. Employers can’t wait to attend. In fact, 75% of employers in the United States report recruiting from colleges. College fairs seem like a simple concept, but they’re actually quite complex. These events …Read More


3 Perks You Didn’t Know Millennials Would Love

By Danielle Durante on August 20, 2014

Are your benefit packages attracting Millennials? How can you be sure? These are questions many employers ask these days, including Glassdoor. To find out what benefits Millennials really care about, we asked our own employees. The answers may surprise you, but one thing is …Read More


Millennial Takeover: Like It or Not

By Danielle Durante on August 1, 2014

The workforce is undergoing a massive corporate reconstruction. Americans are simultaneously experiencing a mass exodus of Baby Boomers and an influx of Millennials. Seventy-five million Baby Boomers are on the verge of retirement and America is experiencing the largest entrance of recent …Read More


Top 15 Best Cities for Recent Grads

By Danielle Durante on July 25, 2014

At 18, a student’s biggest decision is selecting a college where he or she can be most successful. Fast-forward four years (or five or six), and this individual’s next big choice is picking a location where he or she has …Read More


Top 10 Turn-Offs for College Grads

By Danielle Durante on July 18, 2014

After months of tireless job searching, my friends were appalled—even horrified—when I announced I would not be accepting my first internship offer for the summer. With many professionals still recovering from the recession, I’ve recognized an attitude change among job …Read More

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