Author: Danielle Durante

Create a Corporate Culture Framework That Works for Your Business

Post-college, many Millennials are faced with the same, tedious and often-overwhelming question: “Who am I?” This unnerving...
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Newsflash: Your Employees Are Telling Stories

Too often, in pursuit of top quality candidates, employers rely solely on limp mission statements, static career pages and one-...
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What Do College Grads Think of Your Interview Process?

I’m now three weeks into the fall quarter, and I continue to hear about my peers’ summer internship experiences. Hearing bo...
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What Job Categories Are Millennials Searching For?

New college grads leave school with an abundance of career opportunities. Today, an undergraduate degree opens the door for vir...
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Are College Career Fairs Worth It?

Ninety percent of colleges and universities host career fairs year-round. Employers can’t wait to attend. In fact, 75% of e...
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3 Perks You Didn’t Know Millennials Would Love

Are your benefit packages attracting Millennials? How can you be sure? These are questions many employers ask these days, inc...
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Millennial Takeover: Like It or Not

The workforce is undergoing a massive corporate reconstruction. Americans are simultaneously experiencing a mass exodus of Baby...
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Top 15 Best Cities for Recent Grads

At 18, a student’s biggest decision is selecting a college where he or she can be most successful. Fast-forward four years (o...
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Top 10 Turn-Offs for College Grads

After months of tireless job searching, my friends were appalled—even horrified—when I announced I would not be accepting m...
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