Author: John Sumser

Employment Branding: The 7 Things HR Needs To Consider

As an employer, everything you do expresses your employment brand. Your employment brand is the aggregate of all of the things...
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How to Write a Good Job Advert

There are a ton of factors competing against you when you try to use the Internet to hire talent. In a sea of competing...
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Why Recruiters May Want Active Candidates More Than Passive Candidates

In professional recruiting circles, a lot of attention is paid to so-called passive candidates. In theory, these are people w...
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Where Employers Find Employees

If you’re going to find a job, it’s good to understand where employers think they find their new employees. Each year, t...
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5 Ways To Create Work-Life Balance At Your Company

Work-life balance is the exclusive property of your employees. It’s another situation in which you can facilitate, but not ca...
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