Author:  Trish McFarlane

Author of HR Ringleader blog. @TrishMcFarlane


5 Things Job Seekers Are Considering When It Comes To Cul...

By Trish McFarlane on July 31, 2013

Whether you’re on the job search or contemplating your fit in your current company, one thing that will be a priority in your thinking is the company culture. There are many definitions of culture available, but one I like is …Read More


Does Your Company Really Need Formal Management Training?

By Trish McFarlane on June 14, 2013

As the HR leader of a mid-sized company, not a month goes by without receiving a pitch from a training vendor or consultant asking if I’m interested in purchasing training for our managers.  I’m all for formal training, however, I …Read More


5 Ways HR Can Boost Recruiting By Improving Employee/Boss...

By Trish McFarlane on May 6, 2013

There are two priorities if you are a human resources leader. First, ensure that compensation, benefits and compliance is handled properly. Without those elements, nothing else matters. Second, guide and teach leaders how to create an outstanding employee experience. Employees who are …Read More


A Guide To Retaining Employees: The CLIMB Method

By Trish McFarlane on March 12, 2013

Retention is on the mind of every leader and human resources professional. Although there has been a rise in the size of the talent pool over the last few recession-driven years, companies are still finding it difficult to recruit employees with the specialized skills …Read More

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